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Tag: Africa

By 2030, 90% of world’s poor will be Africans, predicts World...

Rapid population growth contributes to increase in number to more than 416 mil people.

Ngbaba, a sport lost to time returns to a battered nation

Once played widely in streets and villages, ngbaba pronounced "g'baba" has simple rules and requires speed, dexterity and a dose of fearlessness.

A US$1.6 bil horror as Ghana investors can’t get their savings

The crackdown on Ghana’s banking system leaves Ghanaians unable to access their savings.

Plot to infect Africans with HIV existed, claims film director

Danish director Mads Brugger says there was a vaccination programme that was part of a white supremacy plot to infect blacks with HIV.

Mobile phones are replacing bank accounts in Africa

In Kenya, the value of banking transactions through mobile phones amounts to almost half of the gross domestic product.

Agriculture’s secret weapon: empowering women

Women farmers in Africa work as hard as men in the farms, thus, rights for them as farmers must be upheld.

Vietnam seizes 125kg rhino horns at airport

Weak law enforcement makes Vietnam a spot for smuggling rhino horns from Africa.

Long live the Lion Queen: Beyonce delights with new album

The album features Afrobeat-heavy songs interspersed with dialogue from the highly-anticipated remake of the Disney classic.

PepsiCo takes Africa foothold with US$1.8 bil Pioneer deal

The deal gives the US drinks giant a hub from which to expand more aggressively in sub-Saharan Africa.

Senegal to miss stalwart Koulibaly in Cup of Nations final

Koulibaly will not play in the final after receiving a yellow card in Senegal's semi-final victory over Tunisia.

African leaders set to sign landmark trade deal at AU Summit

State trade ministers agreed the zone should be operational from July 2020.

From a lake high in Madagascar, Africa’s own caviar

A lot of people laughed at Rova Caviar when the owners say luxury foods can play a part in improving Madagascar’s economy.

Google’s new subsea cable connects Africa and Europe

Equiano is Google's 14th subsea cable investment globally.

Uber targets expansion in fast-growing West African markets

In much of sub-Saharan Africa there are low levels of personal car ownership and rapidly expanding populations which makes ride-hailing a popular option for public transport.

Huawei turns to Africa to offset US blacklist

As the US leads a drive for the West to shun Huawei over security fears, the Chinese tech giant has sought to strengthen its position in Africa, where it is already well-established.

Chinese firms seek Turkish partners in Africa

Chinese firms are eyeing partnerships with Turkish construction firms in Africa, whom they have discussed possible acquisitions with.

South Africans vote in test for ruling ANC

The ANC has won all five previous elections, and is tipped to come out on top again albeit with a reduced majority.

Southern African countries push to be allowed to trade in ivory

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi told his fellow leaders that it was time the region comes up with a common strategy to manage the huge mammals.

The horns of the Broto, a Central African tradition under threat

Carved from tree roots, the horns of the Broto people play a ceremonial role.

Cellphone apps fight Africa’s sexual taboos

In Nigeria, 3.1 million people are HIV-positive and 34,000 women die each year from botched abortions.

Kenyan football federation official killed in Addis Ababa crash

Kenya reportedly suffered the highest casualties from the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash.

Rwandan film picks up top honours at Africa film festival

'The Mercy of the Jungle' was one of the 20 aiming for the top Golden Stallion of Yennenga award at the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou.

Burkina children skip school, fearing jihadist attacks

School closures have spread from the country's conflict-ridden north to the east.

Anti-gay laws widespread in Africa despite gains

28 African countries have laws that go against same-sex relationships according to Human Rights Watch specialist, Neela Ghoshal.