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Nigeria’s lament: Don’t blame us all for a few ‘bad eggs’

At independence day event, a Nigerian says Malaysia should screen foreign students more thoroughly.

Scores of Nigerians hauled to court on charges of attacking cops,...

10 Nigerians plead not guilty to a charge of assaulting policemen during a raid at an apartment in PJ.

4 cops attacked by group of Africans during raid on condo...

Police round up 10 Africans in follow-up operation.

Israel to free 200 African migrants awaiting deportation

The government has been trying to finalise an agreement with Uganda to take in the migrants, who came into Israel on foot through the Egyptian border over the past decade.

Flora Damansara residents claim Africans behave badly

Residents claim open drunkenness, prostitution and molestation have become even more prevalent in the last couple of years.

Flora Damansara man must be investigated, says lawyer

SN Nair urges police to open probe into man in video for allegedly violating the Penal Code when he told cafe patrons to 'dress properly' and respect Muslims.

After Masjid India, police swoop on Cyberjaya to nab terror suspects

Head of counter-terrorism unit Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay says bomb disposal unit, immigration department, atomic energy agency assisted in search which started at 9.30pm.