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Why sue us when we offered to repay loan, asks NFCorp...

The Attorney-General's Chambers has filed a suit to recover a RM253 million loan given to National Feedlot Corporation.

AGC rebuked for inattention to Adib family counsel’s 3 hats

Lawyer SN Nair says alarm bells should have gone off when Syazlin Mansor was found to be representing two government agencies as well.

AGC seeks forfeiture of assets seized from Najib, 17 others

The notice was filed on Tuesday at the Criminal High Court Registrar’s Office in Kuala Lumpur.

Govt, Adib’s family oppose temple task force bid to be made...

Lawyer Syazlin Mansor says there is no reason for the task force to be made an interested party as the incident took place outside the temple premises.

I will challenge contempt charges, says lawyer

Arun Kasi maintains that his comments published in an online portal on a Federal Court proceeding are 'constructive criticism'.

Rafizi freed of criminal defamation charge

This comes after the prosecution decides against continuing with the case.

FB post based on viral tweet, says MCA woman called up...

MCA central committee member Chan Quin Er says she was surprised to be called to Bukit Aman but will cooperate with the police in their investigation.

Siti Kasim off the hook over middle-finger gesture

The lawyer-activist says the Attorney-General’s Chambers has decided not to pursue the matter.

AGC advises govt, not other way around, Ramkarpal tells solicitor-general

The Bukit Gelugor MP says the AGC is meant to be impartial and free from government instruction.

Surat ‘berat sebelah’ tular, MCA persoal kebebasan Jabatan Peguam Negara

Jurucakap parti berkata surat peguam cara negara III menimbulkan idea bahawa jabatan itu menerima arahan daripada perdana menteri.

MCA questions AGC’s impartiality after leaked ‘biased letter’ goes viral

Letter signed by Solicitor-General III Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria 'strongly suggests AGC is taking instructions from the prime minister', claims party spokesperson.

Lawyer concerned over conflict of interest in AGC’s defence of chief...

Sangeet Kaur says the AG's office, which is looking into her police report, is also representing the chief justice in the same matter.

Teoh Beng Hock Trust: Why 7-month delay in reopening probe into...

It says Attorney-General's Chambers had clearly instructed police to reopen the case.

PAS mistaken, AG has no power to investigate, says lawyer

Senior lawyer Baljit Sidhu says the attorney-general only has power to institute, conduct, and prosecute and he has no power to investigate, including investigate rumours about the Agong.

Group tells AG to charge woman who falsely accused man of...

Maturai Veeran says his reputation is damaged although the court cleared him of the charge.

AGC rejects actor Farid Kamil’s bid to have charges dropped

Five days have been fixed for his trial beginning Nov 27.

I wish we can throw several corrupt individuals in prison, says...

The economic affairs minister, however, says the rule of law has to be observed to ensure they are not freed by the court later due to a weak case.

AGC hosts international prosecutors, investigators in meet over 1MDB

Prosecutors, civil recovery specialists and investigators from the US, Singapore and Switzerland meet to discuss the 1MDB issue.

Former top judge hits out at AG’s ‘unprecedented’ handling of Najib...

Former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad says the AG's appointment of two senior lawyers has demoralised the AGC.

Anwar: AGC should explain in detail why it dropped Lim’s case

PKR president says this is in view of Guan Eng's seniority in Cabinet.

Investigation and prosecution: We need to stop flip-flopping

Reinforcing investigating authorities like the MACC and police with the power to prosecute as well would be risky.

Dropping charges against Guan Eng not in good faith, says lawyer

Gunamalar Joorindanjn who represents a prosecution witness says Tommy Thomas was still the AG and public prosecutor at the time the decision was made to discontinue the trials.

AG’s credibility at stake over Guan Eng case

The ACG's decision to drop the corruption charges against Lim Guan Eng instead of letting him prove his innocence in court goes against Pakatan Harapan's anti-corruption manifesto.

Charges against Guan Eng dropped due to fresh evidence, says AGC

The Attorney-General’s Chambers also denies that Tommy Thomas had anything to do with the decision to drop the corruption charges against Lim Guan Eng and Phang Li Koon.