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Tag: AGE

‘Umno Youth chief must be aged below 40’

Anyone else above this age may not be able to appeal to youths today, says Malaysian Youth Council information chief Mohamad Rizan Hassan.

Pairin still needed by PBS to win in Sabah

Despite announcing his intention to retire, he is still preferred by many Keningau folks.

Termites sacrifice their elderly in ant wars, study says

Older termites fight on the front lines when they enter combat against invading ants.

Judge says IMDb can show Hollywood actors’ ages under First Amendment

US District Judge Vince Chhabria deemed a law requiring IMDb to remove actors' ages upon request to violate the US Constitution.

World’s oldest man dies in Spain aged 113

Francisco Núñez Olivera was born in 1904, making him the world's oldest man until he died on Monday.

US paper says Mahathir’s entry in polls brings back the ‘age-old’...

US daily says the question may not be whether former PM has changed too much, but whether he has changed enough.

Sweden to raise earliest retirement age to 64

The move comes as a response to the average life expectancy in Sweden rising to over 82 years.

MP: Future likely bleak if victims don’t marry their rapists

Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahaya says not all rapists are bad as some may have repented and regretted their earlier actions.

After the floods, the diseases

Health Department cautions that receding waters leave vector-borne diseases that can cause respiratory tract infections, gastroenteritis and leptospirosis.

Cegah Rotavirus, AGE, taman tema Bukit Merah disaran guna klorinator

Dr Noor menasihatkan pihak pengurusan taman tema air melantik pemantau kualiti air yang berkelayakan, jika tiada pemantau sedia ada perlu diberi latihan secara berkala.