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Tag: ageing

‘Father Time’ catching up with him, says Tiger

Tiger Woods, 43, who has battled a number of injuries in recent years, has made no attempt to hide his fear that age is catching up with him.

All it takes is 4 babies to enjoy ‘zero income tax’...

Some countries are so concerned over low birth rates that they are offering couples all sorts of incentives to help increase the population.

Budgeting for the elderly in our country

Malaysia should follow in Singapore's footsteps by budgeting for our increasingly ageing population.

Study uncovers protein that keeps skin youthful

The protein works by encouraging cell competition, a key process to maintain tissue fitness. That effectively "drives out" weaker cells while encouraging replication of stronger ones.

Study: A weekly hour of exercise can stave off disability in...

To stay in shape, the World Health Organisation recommends at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate physical activity per week for adults.

Free homes! But wait – only if you are of working...

To lure the young back into towns with an ageing population, the Japanese government has taken to offering them homes free… with certain conditions.

Ageing Japan: Unclaimed burial urns pile up in Japan amid fraying...

With Japanese wages barely growing, and many children of the elderly living on pensions themselves, managing death costs, including arranging for their burial, can be a burden.

Japan’s ageing rice farmers face uncertain future

Many fear Japan's rice industry will be unable to hold its own in a competitive global market.

Japan unveils sales tax hike

The point-of-sale tax will rise from 8% to 10% from October next year as ageing and heavily indebted Japan battles to finance snowballing social security bills and medical fees.

Quarrelling with ex-PM kept my brain active, Dr M quips

He says for those who do not actively use their muscles or brain power, it will hasten the ageing process.

Mahathir: Study practices of other countries in caring for ageing

Prime minister advises parents to keep busy and active as Asian tradition of children supporting them in their golden years seems to be fading.

Five questions for the health minister on B40 insurance plan

We are a nation that has practised universal public healthcare so it seems odd that the ministry wants to embark on an insurance plan for the B40 group which may benefit profit-minded entities.

Switch to SST will hit elderly hardest, says research body

Galen Centre warns of demographic crisis if government is forced to adopt austerity measures due to falling tax revenue.

Could a high level of exercise be the key to successful...

New Australian research has found that exercising above the recommended guidelines as we age could reduce the risk of developing a range of chronic diseases and help promote successful ageing.

Japan beer giant wants it’s ageing customers to eat healthier

Japan’s second-largest beermaker aims to reach 100 billion yen ($910 million) in sales of food and beverages aimed at appealing to wellness concerns in the next two decades, Chief Executive Officer Yoshinori Isozaki said in an interview Wednesday.

New brain cells in the old? Study stokes debate

A study has shown that people as old as 79 may still generate new brain cells.

Increase allowances for elderly, urges Public Accounts Committee

It says the women, family and community development ministry must be more pro-active and find alternatives towards creating a caring nation.

Thailand introduces tax incentives to encourage more babies

Cabinet also endorses a tax incentive for operators setting up day care centres for employees’ children.

Fatty liver linked to a shrinking brain

Researchers have established a correlation between fatty liver and brain shrinkage.

Elderly to outnumber young after 2045, says ministry

Women, Family and Community Development Ministry says this is the by-product of development as well as improved health structures and systems.