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PPBM to hold AGM from Dec 28-30

About 2,800 delegates from across the country are expected to participate in the AGM, which will see discussions on 'shared prosperity' between the races, among others.

MCA votes to dissolve BN, to form new coalition

Party president Wee Ka Siong says resolution was passed by majority of central delegates by way of raising of hands.

MCA slams govt over removal of funds for Chinese traders

Wee Ka Siong says Putrajaya should not cancel allocations for Chinese SMEs and microcredit for Chinese hawkers and petty traders.

I have no regrets, says Liow

The outgoing MCA president delivers a heartfelt parting message to delegates.

‘New kid’ Usno Baru ends five-year hiatus

Usno Baru holds AGM today after Registrar of Societies orders it to hold its meeting by Dec 7.

Members at Malay Chamber’s EGM will face action, says president

DPMM president Rizal Faris Mohideen Kader says those who took legal action against the chamber will automatically have their membership declared null and void.

Court orders Malaysia Hindu Sangam to hold AGM within 3 months

Justice Azizul Azmi Adnan also directs the current management to circulate its annual financial statement and report to members at least 21 days before the meeting.

7 get order to stop Malaysia Hindu Sangam AGM

Their lawyer says they resorted to legal action after MHS rejected numerous nomination forms on June 17.

Two BN reps in TNB decline re-election as non-executive directors

The duo, one from Umno and the other from MIC, decided not to seek re-election following the defeat of Barisan Nasional in the general election.

6,000 gather to thank Teh Hong Piow for piloting Public Bank...

With the chairman of Public Bank stepping down at the end of the year, shareholders gather to show appreciation and to find out what’s in store for the financial institution.

PPBM member questions report to RoS without AGMs held

Mohd Azimin Muhamad calls on secretary-general Shahruddin Md Salleh to provide clarification on the status of the meetings at PPBM’s branch and divisional levels.

PPBM serah dokumen kepada JPPM elak dibubarkan

Setiausaha Kerja PPBM, Muhammad Suhaimi Yahya menyerahkan dokuman dan maklumat itu petang tadi, sehari menjelang tempoh 30 hari diberikan JPPM bagi melengkapkan siasatan terhadap aduan ahli parti itu.

Bar urges top judges to sit out suit against them

Malaysian Bar president George Varughese questions the chief justice and appeals court president appearing as judges in the panel with their subordinates.

Motions to censure senior lawyers, ban beer not tabled at Bar...

Mohd Amir Sharil Bahari Md Noor’s six motions were filed against senior members of the Bar.

Dr M: Ban PPBM, and we’ll turn to ‘Plan B’

The PPBM chairman says this after RoS' request for documents to complete a probe which could decide the party's legal status.

RoS approves application for Umno polls to be put off

According to RoS, Umno has set party elections to be held on April 19, 2019.

Shafee: I gave interview, attended forum to defend judiciary

The lawyer says he was disappointed with Anwar's lawyer, Malaysian Bar, AG and judiciary for the opposition leader's attack on judges.

Ambiga: Shafee smeared Anwar’s name even after final sodomy verdict

She tells Court of Appeal the lawyer even spoke at an Umno-organised forum and divulged in-camera evidence of the sordid trial.

PPBM to take action against 400 who complained to RoS

Legal action will also be taken against non-members who lodged reports on party's AGM, says PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin.

Putrajaya urges RoS to speed up probe into PPBM complaints

This follows Dr Mahathir's allegations of efforts to prevent PH's application to become an official coalition.

Ada pihak dibayar untuk burukkan kami, kata PPBM

Ketua penerangan PPBM berkata, ia bukan perkara baru kerana ia berlaku sebelum dan selepas AGM parti itu, Disember lalu.

PPBM Temerloh Youth chief lodges report with RoS over AGM

Sharipul Fairus says due process was not followed in that delegates to the AGM were not elected at the division and branch levels.

‘PPBM Temerloh tak buat AGM kerana belum genap setahun ditubuhkan’

Timbalan ketua PPBM bahagian Temerloh berkata, ketuanya, Amerus Che Onn ialah pengkhianat parti kerana membuat aduan kepada JPPM tanpa merujuk perlembagaan parti dan mendesak Dr Mahathir meletak jawatan.

Ahli dakwa AGM pertama PPBM tidak ikut perlembagaan

Ketua PPBM Temerloh mahu Dr Mahathir letak jawatan kerana "memperjuangkan kepentingan peribadi" selepas membuat laporan ke JPPM.