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Tag: Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah

Kedah BN admits defeat, PH to form state government

Kedah BN chairman Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah says he accepts the verdict of the people and that the country’s democratic system and constitution need to be upheld.

I have a Maker to answer to, says Kedah MB

Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah, who is the Suka Menanti candidate, says it is a sin to choose a government which cannot guarantee the future.

Mukhriz: Bashah and ilk made me tougher

PPBM deputy president says he has become sterner as he has to respond to BN allegations, and create awareness about injustices of the ruling coalition.

Mukhriz mahu sambung apa yang terhenti di Kedah dulu

Bekas menteri besar Kedah itu berkata rancangan dan strateginya tidak dilaksanakan oleh penggantinya.

Mukhriz to continue his aborted plans for Kedah if PH wins

The former Kedah menteri besar says good plans and strategies he had put in place were not implemented by Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah, who succeeded him after he resigned in 2016.

PPBM no threat to BN, says Bashah

The Kedah menteri besar says the PPBM party machinery in Kedah is weak and depends on other Pakatan Harapan partners.

Mahathir’s time is up, says BN’s Nawawi

Former premier's mind is sharp but age is catching up and he may not be able to work for 24 hours a day like younger people, says BN nominee.

Kedah BN may drop several MPs, reps in GE14, says MB

Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah says he will talk to these individuals before the candidate list is announced, to ensure their support for the new candidates.

Kedah assembly dissolved from today

Menteri besar says dissolution is to allow for simultaneous state and parliamentary elections.

BN confident of retaining Langkawi in GE14

Kedah MB says islanders will lose out if they choose anyone other than a BN candidate.

Saya bukan ‘gila’, MB Kedah beritahu pemimpin PAS

Ahmad Bashah menjelaskan perindustrian wujud sejak 90-an lagi dan sawah yang diambil alih akan diganti setara dengan kawasan lain.

Kedah MB tells PAS critic: ‘I am not crazy’

In a sarcastic rebuke, Ahmad Bashah explains his policy to reclaim rice fields near urban areas for industries.

Tindakan Mahfuz serbu DUN kurang sopan, kata MB Kedah

Ahmad Bashah turut mempersoalkan niat Mahfuz itu yang tidak ubah seperti mahu mencari populariti sekali gus menutup kelemahannya di kawasan yang diwakilinya.

MB Kedah mahu Langkawi kekal pulau bebas cukai

Malah, MB Kedah juga berkata, bukan mudah untuk kerajaan persekutuan menarik balik status itu kerana Langkawi sudah dikenali di seluruh dunia sebagai sebuah pulau bebas cukai.

Many politicians are fair weather friends

Politicians tend to reach out to taxi drivers as elections loom but leave them in the lurch when real issues affecting their welfare crop up.

Najib: PR1MA homes resale moratorium reduced to 5 years

More families will be able to buy new houses with combined income eligibility increased from RM10,000 to RM15,000, the prime minister announced today.

Ahmad Bashah wants to win a two-third majority

Kedah Umno leader says the party faces a huge challenge from an anti-government movement led by former Umno leaders.

RM500 year-end bonus for Kedah civil servants

Reduced deficit in Ahmad Bashah's maiden budget of RM1.06 billion expenditure on revenue of RM734.7 million.

Kedah MB should learn a little humility

He may soon regret his arrogant response to calls for a ban on logging in the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve.

Special meeting to deal with Kedah ‘water crisis’

Ahmad Bashah's office says immediate action will be taken and long-term plans to be drawn up.

Ahmad Bashah back at work after surgery

On the eve of his return, the man he ousted, Mukhriz Mahathir, comes calling to wish him well.

MB Kedah dibenarkan pulang

Menggayakan janggut gaya Perancis, Bashah tampak bersemangat selepas 18 hari dirawat di Hospital Pulau Pinang

Historic Kedah Exco meeting at Penang Hospital

Kedah Exco members gather at Penang GH ICU for weekly state executive council meeting.

Kedah Exco meeting most likely in Penang GH

A senior executive councillor told FMT that the meeting will 'most likely' be held at the hospital next Wednesday.