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Tag: Ahmad Zahid

Ismail Sabri kekal ketua pembangkang, kata Zahid selepas kembali pimpin Umno

Presiden Umno itu berkata, keputusan itu dibuat bersama ahli Parlimen pembangkang lain.

No disciplinary action against Nazri Aziz, says Zahid

Umno president said Nazri’s action did not represent Umno or BN even though he had openly expressed support for Anwar Ibrahim.

Doctor charged with causing death of Zahid’s son-in-law freed

Sessions Court judge rules there are inconsistencies in the testimonies of the anaesthetist and the autopsy expert on the cause of death.

My remarks on Zahid’s alleged wealth were twisted, says Liew

Minister Liew Vui Keong says he never said the allegation on Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's assets was false.

Zahid: Kedah may need fresh polls if no decision on speaker

The Umno acting president did not dismiss the possibility of state elections being called if the stalemate continues.

Zahid endears himself to Chinese voters using Mandarin phrase

Voters say the DPM regularly returns to Bagan Datuk to chat informally with them.

Redelineation: Follow court decision, urges Zahid

He says court's decision follows legal system and guidelines in constitution of country.

DPM: Employers can get maids from 9 countries

He says only Indonesia and the Philippines insisted on a minimum wage for their maids.

Why has tape recording not been released, asks Kit Siang

He says both Zahid and Mahathir are supposed to have a copy of the recording and says it should be played for everyone to know what actually transpired.

Umno is not a hotel, says Zahid Hamidi

He says a ‘senior leader’ often entered and left the Umno glass house when something he was not happy about cropped up instead of staying to carry out repairs or give advice.

Govt still studying ways to extradite Sirul from Australia

Home minister Zahid Hamidi says Malaysia has not made the extradition request as it needs to use extra tact after Australia stated it is against the death penalty.

DPM denies 1.5 million Bangladeshis heading to Malaysia

Zahid Hamidi says this was the total number of Bangladeshis registered with their government to work overseas.

No Zionist agenda, say organisers of Jerusalem Jubilee

Evangelical church organisation regrets that 'good intention to pray for peace and prosperity of Malaysia caused much confusion, misunderstanding among certain groups'.

Police anti-terrorism unit to be expanded into division

This follows increasing concern over terrorism activities and need for a senior police officer to be in charge.

3rd Malaysian killed in Marawi

Home minister says 400 terrorists from within the country and overseas are in Marawi, Mindanao, fighting security forces there.

‘Zakir Naik not in Malaysia now’

Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry says DPM had assured them that Malaysia will not harbour any fugitives.

Terrorism: Police, foreign ministry monitor those on suspects list

They are able to check the individuals in Southeast Asia who had previously set up the terrorist group called 'Katibah Nusantara', says DPM.

Zahid mahu semua kaum pimpin Majlis Belia

Timbalan perdana menteri berkata, kepelbagaian kaum dan etnik dalam pertubuhan belia penting agar semua diberi peluang mewujudkan kepimpinan mantap.

Zahid backs Hisham’s new appointment

DPM says new portfolio will help Hisham assist the prime minister in missions and special tasks to strengthen bilateral relations and also specific tasks.

‘No political interference in ban on Mahathir-Nazri debate’

Zahid says this was purely a police decision but as home minister, he will review the reasons why the debate was cancelled.

Interpol ‘Red Alert’ still out for 4 North Korean suspects

Deputy PM says Malaysia is leaving it to Interpol to assess and manage the issue involving suspects wanted in killing of Kim Jong Nam on Feb 13.

Shariah bill will be tabled by government, says Zahid

He says the PM is committed to bring up the amendments without jeopardising other faiths.

Jong Nam’s identity confirmed with son’s DNA sample

Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says samples were obtained according to forensic procedures.

Probe team set up after death at Bangsar dental clinic, says...

Company charged with nine counts relating to death of deputy PM's son-in-law during dental treatment.