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Personal experiences spurs Moore to back AIDS documentary

The film delves into how nurses decided to set up a care centre for AIDS sufferers, dismayed by the lack of humanity many were shown at the time.

Treatment prevents sexual HIV transmission among gay men

Researchers estimate the antiretroviral treatment prevented around 470 HIV transmissions within couples during the study period.

Health ministry to maintain RM1 for HIV screening

Deputy minister says authorities are working to set aside the new fee structure gazetted five years ago.

HIV doesn’t define me, says ex-flight attendant

Tareq Nassri speaks of his long journey to self-actualisation.

Foundation curing reluctance of doctors to treat AIDS patients

The Malaysian AIDS Foundation has confirmed the stigma in treating such patients is still rife among medical students and doctors.

Cellphone apps fight Africa’s sexual taboos

In Nigeria, 3.1 million people are HIV-positive and 34,000 women die each year from botched abortions.

In US, 1st kidney transplant from living donor with HIV

Thousands of people die each year in the US awaiting organ transplants.

AIDS workers regret PPBM man’s ‘ignorance’

The disease hits across all sexual orientations, say activists in response to Noor Azmi Ghazali's anti-LGBT remarks in Parliament.

The angel giving cast-out Muslim women with AIDS hope for a...

Funds and volunteer helpers for this life-saving home are both in short supply.

AIDS foundation in bid to help women with HIV get back...

Gala dinner to be held, aimed at getting funds for a programme to help women and single mothers with HIV to start their own businesses.

London HIV patient becomes world’s second AIDS cure hope

The case is proof of the concept that scientists will one day be able to end AIDS.

Money, focus needed for Trump’s ‘end HIV’ plan to work

Although no dollar figure has been announced yet, details began to emerge of the plan touted by Trump in his State of the Union address the previous night.

Time to debunk myths on HIV

There is no evidence to show that a HIV-infected individual needs to be bathed in bleach or wrapped in plastic upon his or her death.

AIDS, Alzheimer’s, cancer among 36 critical illnesses covered under B40 health...

Finance minister says cost incurred in treatment of these diseases has adversely impacted lower-income group.

6 misconceptions about HIV/AIDS

Although HIV/AIDS is widespread today, many still consider it a death sentence, when this is not necessarily so.

Medical grad develops app to calculate risks of contracting HIV

Shaik Ashraf developed his own algorithm, which takes into account a person's sexual activity, sexual orientation and the type of sex they have.

More flak for Wan Azizah’s mandatory HIV testing call

Think tank warns mandatory premarital HIV testing could harm women while foundation handling HIV cases says it can give wives a false sense of security.

Dr M lauded for calling for safe sex education

AIDS support group sees a possible change of direction in the fight against HIV.

UNAIDS plagued by ‘failed’ leadership

An expert report found the agency's leaders systematically failed to address bullying, abuse and sexual harassment.

New cases of HIV rise in Eastern Europe, decline in the...

Since the start of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, more than 77 million people worldwide have become infected with HIV.

AIDS support group hails anti-discrimination plan

It's a game changer in the protection of HIV-infected workers, says Klass.

Rules needed to stop discrimination against workers with HIV, says Kula

The human resources minister says discussions are underway for regulations on the matter.

Thai sergeant with HIV accused of raping dozens of teenage boys

The 43-year-old soldier in Khon Kaen province used a false profile on a gay dating app to invite the alleged victims.

China HIV/AIDS cases surge by 14%

Over 40,000 new HIV/AIDS cases were reported in the second quarter alone, with 93.1% having contracted the virus through sex.