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Rules needed to stop discrimination against workers with HIV, says Kula

The human resources minister says discussions are underway for regulations on the matter.

Thai sergeant with HIV accused of raping dozens of teenage boys

The 43-year-old soldier in Khon Kaen province used a false profile on a gay dating app to invite the alleged victims.

China HIV/AIDS cases surge by 14%

Over 40,000 new HIV/AIDS cases were reported in the second quarter alone, with 93.1% having contracted the virus through sex.

Everyone’s having sex, so let teens take HIV tests, says activist

Martin Choo from the Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society says it is time to be realistic in addressing the rise in HIV cases among underage youth.

Antibody therapy suppresses HIV for weeks at a time

Researchers say a combination of two proteins known to counteract the effects of HIV were able to suppress the virus in patients for up...

Long-acting injection a shot in the arm for GSK’s HIV business

GSK is betting that a shift to using two drugs rather than three will boost its sales by offering patients a therapy with greater convenience and fewer toxic side effects.

How should Muslim doctors deal with the LGBT issue?

Muslim doctors who follow Quranic principles in handling the LGBT community are often seen as bigots or as spreading hatred even if this is done with the intention of giving advice to the public.

Doctor chided over disdain for LGBT community

Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation ticks off a medical doctor for her comments against the LGBT community.

Scientists report setbacks in quest for AIDS cure

Scientists reported several setbacks in the quest for a cure to AIDS on Tuesday, highlighting concerns about inconclusive evidence that links a promising new drug to birth defects.

Elton John and Prince Harry launch bid to ‘smash’ AIDS stigma

Elton John and Prince Harry put extra emphasis on HIV infections in young men.

GSK’s 2-drug HIV treatment proves effective in key tests

Doctors and investors alike have been anxious to see how the experimental combination of dolutegravir and lamivudine, also known as 3TC, stacks up against arch-rival Gilead Sciences' triple drugs cocktail.

Drug-fuelled HIV surge raises concerns at AIDS meeting

Concerns over an HIV surge in countries where strict laws cause drug users to share virus-laced needles, were raised Monday at a world AIDS assembly in Amsterdam.

UN says global fight against AIDS is at “precarious point”

According to UNAids executive director Michel Sidibé, new AIDS infections have not fallen at an acceptable rate.

South Africa after Mandela – high hopes dashed?

Not even the influence of Nelson Mandela has been able to prevent South Africa from the many social ills which have befallen the nation.

Prince Harry, Elton John to launch coalition against HIV in men

The 71-year-old singer and 33-year-old prince are both prominent HIV and AIDS campaigners.

HK scientists say new research points to “functional cure” for HIV

A research team at Hong Kong University’s AIDS Institute says it may have found a "functional cure" to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

AIDS patients sue Gambia’s ex-president Jammeh over fake cures

Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh falsely claimed to be able to cure AIDS.

AIDS: Don’t pick on secularism

Ultimately public health policies must be rooted in evidence and science and not on religious and ideological beliefs.

Malawi can eradicate HIV infections, says US doctor who discovered AIDS...

Malawi's HIV/AIDS prevalence has fallen from 30% in 1985 to 8.8% in 2016.

From prison to condoms: Japan has a mascot for that

Japan has literally thousands of mascots, ranging from the uber-cute to the frankly disturbing.

Transgender artists make history at the Oscars

Many hope that it will begin to change the field overall, and the ability of trans artists of all backgrounds to have recognition.

Malaysia records 42% drop in new HIV cases

Death toll from AIDS also records decrease of 31% with 911 cases in 2016 compared with 1,321 cases in 2006.

UNAIDS: Men at higher risk of dying of AIDS than women

AIDS or related diseases killed one million people worldwide in 2016 and an estimated 1.8 million new infections were reported.

PrEP: A shield against AIDS

The idea behind PrEP -- pre-exposure prophylaxis -- is simple: high-risk persons who are HIV-negative take Truvada, normally prescribed to patients already infected, in order to prevent the virus from taking hold.