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Spanish firm to buy Ananda Krishnan’s resort for RM1 billion

The Malaysian billionaire has been shifting his focus to domestic investments after Aircel Ltd, an Indian wireless operator he controls, filed for bankruptcy protection this year.

Maxis unable to comment on Ananda’s case in India

It was reported that Maxis founder T Ananda Krishnan was among 18 named in India’s Central Bureau of Investigation's charge sheet for the Aircel-Maxis case.

Billionaire Ananda among 12 charged in India over telco scandal

The charge sheet also names former Indian finance minister P Chidambaram who presided over a meeting to approve the Aircel-Maxis deal.

Report: Maxis gives RM60 million for Aircel staff salary

The Hindu BusinessLine says this is a 'goodwill gesture' to cover unpaid salaries of Aircel staff for about a month and a half.

Ananda’s dream of India riches turns into US$7 billion nightmare

Tycoon Ananda Krishnan's holding company stands to lose all the money it poured into Aircel over the past 12 years.

Report: Maxis-owned India mobile operator Aircel in deep trouble

India’s telecom regulator has asked Aircel to furnish details of the unspent balance amounts of pre-paid subscribers and also allowed subscribers to port-out of the network.

Lenders tell Maxis: Pump in US$1 billion into India operations or…

Banks want the Malaysian company to invest an additional US$1 billion by March to keep its India unit Aircel buoyant.

Ananda Krishnan’s Aircel, Reliance Communications abort merger

Both parties agree to call off deal following 'legal uncertainties' and 'interventions by vested interests' that caused delays in regulatory approvals.

India’s Supreme Court warns Maxis boss of consequences of no show

Apex court threatens to auction off licence worth RM13 million if Ananda Krishnan and Ralph Marshall fail to appear before it.

More woes for Maxis in India

Court gets petition to prevent merger moves between Aircel and Reliance Communications in order to force Ananda Krishnan to attend court.

We have no control over parent firm Maxis, Aircel says

In pleading against the possible shutting down of its operations, Aircel says it should not be punished if Maxis and Ananda Krishnan do not attend court over the Aircel-Maxis deal.

Skandal Aircel-Maxis: India keluar waran tangkap terhadap Ananda, Marshall

Menurut laporan, pihak penyiasat menggesa mahkamah mengeluarkan 2 waran tangkap selepas saman untuk hadir ke mahkamah tidak dihirau.

Maxis’ Aircel merges with RCom to create new India operator

Maxis has invested in excess of USD5.2 billion in Aircel, and the merger will become the largest consolidation in India’s telecom sector.

IGP: Indian arrest warrant on Ananda not valid here

Khalid Abu Bakar says Malaysia has no agreement with India to detain local tycoon and Astro official, over alleged corruption in India.

India seeks arrest warrant against Ananda Krishnan

The Central Bureau of Investigations also applies to special court for arrest warrants against Maxis Communications, Astro, and Astro official Ralph Marshall.