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Jihadist rocket fire kills 12 civilians in Syria

Parts of Aleppo, Hama and Idlib are supposed to be protected from a massive regime offensive by a buffer zone deal that Russia and Turkey signed in September.

Civilian toll mounts as Syria regime pounds jihadist bastion

The United Nations warn that an all-out offensive on the region will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe for its nearly three million residents.

Indian forces kill leader of al Qaeda affiliate in Kashmir

Pakistan denies giving material support to militants in Kashmir but says it provides moral and diplomatic backing for the self-determination of Kashmiri people.

Erdogan accuses Syria regime of undermining Turkey-Russia deal

Russia and Turkey are on opposing sides of the conflict, with Moscow strongly supporting Assad, while Ankara supports the Syrian rebels in the civil war.

US says 13 suspected IS members killed in Somalia airstrike

The Islamic State has a relatively small presence in Somalia compared to the Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab.

Syria negotiators in Kazakhstan for talks

Russia, a backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has taken a lead role in diplomatic efforts in Kazakhstan that has largely sidelined UN diplomacy.

Malaysia usir warga Mesir, Tunisia kerana ancam keselamatan

6 rakyat Mesir dan seorang Tunisia itu merupakan antara 9 disyaki terlibat dalam kumpulan pengganas yang ditangkap di Lembah Klang dan Sarawak.

AS tawar RM4 juta cari anak lelaki Osama bin Laden

Lokasi Hamza bin Laden menjadi spekulasi dengan laporan menyebut beliau tinggal di Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria atau dikenakan tahanan dalam rumah di Iran.

French forces kill top Al-Qaeda commander in Sahel

El Hamame was killed Thursday when French land and air forces ambushed a column of vehicles he was travelling with north of Timbuktu.

Al-Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for Mali attack

The Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen group says the attack is a response to the Chadian president's revival of diplomatic relations with Israel.

Indian troops kill six militants in Kashmir

All six rebels belonged to Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind, a small Kashmiri rebel group.

US to launch drone strikes in Niger against IS, Al-Qaeda

The Pentagon operates a base in Niger's capital Niamey, some 800 miles southwest of Dirkou, from which it has launched lethal strikes against Libya-based jihadists.

Foreign fighters in Syria’s Idlib face last stand

Many travelled to Syria as early as 2012, marrying Syrian women and starting families there, so they are likely to do all they can to protect their new home.

UN fears chemical weapons in Syria battle with “10,000 terrorists”

The potential battlefield contains two crucial roads, transport arteries between major Syrian cities, which the Syrian government argues must be made safe.

Killings, abductions feed frustration in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib

These mostly unclaimed killings, as well as increasingly frequent abductions, have left inhabitants in constant fear of being caught up in the violence.

Islamic State ‘murderer’ who entered US as refugee arrested

Ameen entered the United States in 2014 after being granted refugee status, and recently sought permanent resident status by applying for a "Green Card" work permit.

Saudi forces arrest armed “extremist” after gunfight

The man was found to be in possession of a machine gun, a pistol and multiple rounds of ammunition, as well as an explosives-laden belt.

Jordan: Four people killed in raid on house sheltering militants

Militants from al Qaeda and other radical jihadist groups have long targeted the US-allied kingdom and dozens of militants are currently serving long prison terms.

Canadian UN peacekeepers return to Africa after 24 years

Though Canada helped mastermind the idea of large-scale UN peacekeeping missions, it hasn't deployed the "Blue Helmet" troops - as the peacekeepers are known - for more than a decade.

Families of 9/11 victims look to seize Iran assets in Britain

The plaintiffs want the English High Court to enforce a 2012 US court decision which found evidence that Iran provided material support and resources to al-Qaeda for acts of terrorism.

Canada launches peacekeeping mission in Mali

Canada's contingent of 250 soldiers and 6 helicopters is expected to conduct medical evacuations as they take over from German troops in the northern region.

Egyptian forces kill five suspected militants north of Cairo

The militants are said to be members of the Hasm group who were instructed to conduct "terrorist operations aimed at destabilising the country" by movement leaders abroad.

Saudi security man, expatriate killed in attack -statement

Attacks on Saudi security forces became more frequent over the past few years after the authorities crushed an al Qaeda insurgency more than a decade ago.

Military: US air strike in Libya kills member of al Qaeda...

US forces are still assessing the results of the strike, which was undertaken in an effort to disrupt al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and deny the organization's fighters freedom of action