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Tag: alcohol consumption

Scientists have identified genes linked to excessive alcohol consumption

Researchers also analysed data from participants' medical records to establish correlations between genes and illnesses.

Study: Even moderate drinking could lead to high blood pressure

American researchers found moderate drinkers are 53% more likely to have stage 1 hypertension and twice as likely to have stage 2 hypertension compared with non-drinkers.

Drinking during pregnancy may increase mental health problems in children

Researchers say complete abstinence from alcohol during pregnancy is advisable to decrease the risk of mental health problems in children.

Problems abound at Flora Damansara, says residents’ rep

Wan Mohd Zaid Ismail also clarifies that the group seen talking to several patrons of a coffee shop there had acted on their own accord.

Man calls for residents to dress appropriately in viral video

The man, who claims to represent the Flora Damansara community, also called for no alcohol consumption and no drug abuse in the area.