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Tag: alcohol

Russians drinking less, living longer, says WHO

World Health Organisation reports Russians used to consume 11-12 litres worth of pure ethanol a year.

AB Inbev targets US$5 billion in Asian unit’s Hong Kong IPO

The listing could be a boost to the Hong Kong bourse at a time when the market has been roiled by the US-China trade war and anti-government protests.

US whiskey exporters struggle after a year of EU tariffs

EU tariffs have cost US distilleries dearly as European distributors lose interest in American whiskey.

Why you could fail a breathalyser test after eating durian

Apparently the same happens with white bread, pecans, macadamias, ripe fruit, protein bars, mouth wash, and cough syrup.

Baijiu, China’s potent tipple, looks abroad

With tastes changing among China's youth, baijiu producers are looking to tickle foreign tastebuds with the infamously potent drink.

Increasing red meat intake may also increase the risk of death

Increasing red meat consumption over an eight-year period is associated with a higher risk of death in the following eight years among both women and men.

Coffee lovers, listen up! Hanoi House Cafe makes a serious brew

The standard hot coffee with condensed milk is thick, aromatic, and packs a punch. What's there not to love about it?

China, India boost global booze binge

It seems the world's alcohol consumption rose from 1990-2017 due to heavy consumption in China and India.

People love coffee and beer for the buzz, not the taste

The study's overall findings could eventually help researchers find ways to intervene when consumption patterns become unhealthy.

Researchers study strategies for talking to teens about substance use

A Canadian study finds that young people are more receptive to harm-reduction messages encouraging dialogue than zero-tolerance approaches to drugs and alcohol.

Sri Lanka Test captain arrested after traffic accident

Dimuth Karunaratne's arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol causing a driver of a three-wheel taxi to be hospitalised may jeopardise his career at the World Cup one-day squad.

Seremban golf club, Negeri MB face dilemma as he cannot resign...

The Seremban International Golf Club’s constitution states that the menteri besar is automatically the president, so unless Aminuddin Harun resigns as MB, he can’t resign as head of the club, says ex-secretary.

Bucking the crisis, Greek microbreweries bubble to the fore

While small and medium-sized breweries in Greece were destroyed by the 2010 economic crisis, microbreweries survived and continue to thrive.

Toxic alcohol kills 93 in India, hundreds hospitalised

Some media reports, citing anonymous sources, say more than 100 people have died and the exact number is still being verified by authorities.

At least 99 dead after consuming toxic alcohol in India

News of the deaths in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand has trickled in over the past three days.

Two drinks a day could increase risk of heart flutter

Those who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol, had more electrical evidence of scarring and impairments than non-drinkers and light drinkers.

Hard-partying Keith Richards says he’s virtually quit drinking

Fellow Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood says the frontman is 'much more mellow' now that he's given up booze.

Raise a glass to Chicago, US city with most breweries

The sheer volume of brewers in Chicago makes a strong case for the Midwestern city to take the crown as the country's beer capital.

Drunk Japan Airlines pilot was ‘almost 10 times over limit’

The incident came just a day after All Nippon Airways revealed a hung-over pilot had caused multiple flight delays.

Death toll in Iran alcohol poisoning jumps to 84

The most poisoning cases were reported in Alborz province north of Tehran and Hormozgan on the south coast.

Alcohol changes how memories are formed on a molecular level

Researchers decided to investigate the role of molecules and genes in the encoding of memories.

Heineken sales rise in every region, outlook held

Sales of Heineken lager, the company's premium global brand on which margins are greater, rose by 9.2%, with strong growth in Brazil, South Africa, France and Russia.

The link between alcohol consumption and cancer

Acetaldehyde, a product of alcohol metabolism is more toxic than alcohol itself and is a known human carcinogen that can harm a person's DNA and proteins.

Ivana’s American-Kazakh host couple reiterate innocence

Cryptocurrency trader Alex Johnson says Dutch model's fall off their 20th-floor balcony last year was an accident due to her 'youthful recklessness'.