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Tag: Ali Hamsa

Ismail Bakar dilantik ketua setiausaha negara baru

Beliau akan menggantikan Ali Hamsa yang memegang jawatan itu sejak 2012.

No decision on Ali Hamsa’s position, says source

It is up to the prime minister to advise the king whether to terminate or shorten Ali Hamsa's contract or allow him to serve until it expires in August 2020.

Ali Hamsa lists down govt reforms in first 100 days

Top civil servant says govt has reduced 96 agencies in PM's Department to 48 and is carrying out English tests to improve command of language.

Ali Hamsa senarai perubahan dilaksana PH dalam 100 hari

Ketua setiausaha negara itu menyenaraikan 7 langkah yang dilaksanakan kerajaan PH dalam perkhidmatan awam.

Ali Hamsa akan bersara 29 Ogos?

Sumber daripada Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam berkata, kontraknya tidak akan diperbaharui.

Ali Hamsa to retire on Aug 29?

A source from the Public Service Department says his contract will not be renewed.

Truancy, blind loyalty raised in PTD officers’ frank session with Dr...

Many took the opportunity to voice their frustrations directly to the prime minister.

Go for counselling or retire, disloyal civil servants told

Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa says civil servants must serve the government of the day and should not bring emotional baggage from the previous administration.

Time for Ali Hamsa to go, says G25

The group of former prominent civil servants says the chief secretary to the government must take responsibility over the negative public statements on the civil service.

Ali Hamsa: Probe into leaked classified govt documents

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) will carry out the probe.

Report all acts of sabotage, civil servants told

Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa says he will address the matter personally.

Ahli Parlimen Kepong kata Najib terbabit urus janji kondo Taman Wahyu

Lim Lip Eng mendakwa ketua setiausaha negara memberitahu projek pangsapuri mewah itu diluluskan atas arahan Najib.

Kepong MP: Najib implicated in Taman Wahyu condo deal

Lim Lip Eng claims that Chief Secretary told him that the controversial project for luxury apartments was approved on an order by Najib.

MP demands to know why pond land was sold for condos

Lim Lip Eng asks the Chief Secretary, Ali Hamsa, why he previously approved the land sale at a low price for a high-end condominium apartment building.

Ismail Bakar appointed Treasury secretary-general

Ismail Bakar previously served as chief secretary in the agriculture and agro-based industry ministry and was a senior adviser to the World Bank.

Bekas pengarah JPA gesa singkir semua boneka Najib

Alwi Jantan tidak menamakan Ali Hamsa tetap berkata ketua setiausaha negara itu antara 'badut dan boneka' kerajaan lepas.

Alwi says to purge civil service of Najib puppets

Former PSD chief doesn't name Ali Hamsa but says the Chief Secretary was among the 'jesters and puppets' of the former government.

Kontrak ketua setiausaha perbendaharaan dipendekkan

Ali Hamsa berkata, Irwan Serigar ditempatkan di Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam mulai hari ini sehingga 13 Jun depan.

Letak jawatan jika jadi calon, kata KSN

Ali Hamsa berkata menjadi tanggungjawab pejawat awam untuk mematuhi prosedur.

Chief Secretary: Cabinet is now caretaker government

It can conduct administrative matters and hold official functions until a new government is formed after elections, says Ali Hamsa

Children of government pensioners now eligible for civil servant housing scheme

They can purchase homes under the PPA1M scheme even though they are not in the civil service, says Ali Hamsa.

No ‘moving out’ penalty for civil servants in govt quarters, says...

The chief secretary to the government says notices sent to some 500 civil servants are no longer applicable.

Budget 2018: Monitoring projects good but what about quality?

Writer says proposal by Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa does not go far enough, if new committee's scope is only limited to implementation.

Govt still subsidising fuel prices, says Treasury sec-gen

Irwan Serigar Abdullah says this is in spite of the fuel price mechanism that was introduced a few years back.