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A wonky PAS-Umno alliance can never be the voters’ choice

The 'wise' fence-sitters — the pivotal voters — will see PAS and Umno have only formed a wobbly alliance for their political expediency.

Don’t try to out-Malay Umno and out-Islam PAS, Kit Siang tells...

The DAP supremo says this will alienate the voters who backed them in the last general election.

PAS-Umno pact poses credible threat to PH

An alliance that develops into an electoral coalition may lead to Malaysia becoming a two-party system with solid checks and balances, says academic Ahmad Martadha.

Solomon Islands to sever ties with Taiwan, shifts alliance to Beijing

Some island nations in the South Pacific have switch allegiance to Beijing for financial gain.

Renault vows ‘fresh start’ for alliance with Nissan

Renault chairman Jean-Dominique Senard says the success of its alliance with Nissan is key after a proposed merger with Fiat Chrysler fell apart.

No alcohol and dancing: PAS recalls conditions set in partnership with...

Party president Abdul Hadi Awang says the party was also allowed to proselytise in government offices and universities.

Malaysian agenda vs Malay agenda: The battle begins

With the Umno-PAS alliance clearly stating it will fight for the good of the Muslims, the stage is set for a political struggle between a coalition promoting a Malay agenda and another that is embracing a Malaysian outlook.

Why scuttle if you are unfazed by Umno-PAS alliance, Najib asks...

The former prime minister mocks Pakatan Haparan for issuing statements if it was not concerned.

France presses Renault over executive compensation paid via Dutch holding company

Corporate governance inside the Renault-Nissan alliance has come under tight scrutiny after Japanese authorities arrested its chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Macron tells Abe he wants to keep Renault-Nissan alliance

Abe told Macron that the future of the Nissan-Renault alliance should be decided among the companies and not by the government.

Fate of world’s biggest car alliance hangs on one word: Ghosn

The world’s biggest car alliance is facing its biggest challenge yet, with the arrest of its iconic chairman threatening to upend the union of automakers he forged almost two decades ago.

Bangladesh opposition alliance to contest polls ‘to rescue democracy’

The BNP says a caretaker government is essential for free and fair elections.

VW may sideline Audi, link with rivals in new 10-year plan

Chief executive Herbert Diess will present his plan at a meeting of the German carmaker's supervisory board.

Swedish centre-right leader abandons first bid to form government

Kristersson's announcement came after some allies criticised his suggestion to build a minority government with the centre-right Christian Democrats party.

New alliances required to strengthen BN, says Umno Wanita chief

Its chief, Noraini Ahmad, says allies need not be political organisations.

Analyst: PAS’ defeat in GE14 nothing to do with social media

Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid says it was PAS' perceived ties with Umno which dragged the party down.

Yes, Umno and PPBM leaders met, says Annuar

The Umno secretary-general says many offers and counter-offers are being made to Umno MPs as the party continues to engage with other parties.

Mahfuz: 12,000, mostly ex-PAS members, joined Amanah last month

The Amanah leader says PAS members are leaving because the Islamist party is getting closer to Umno, after previously saying that supporting Umno is like having a monitor lizard for a pet.

Mustapa under police probe over money before quitting Umno, says Annuar

The Umno secretary-general says the investigation was in relation to some substantial funds Mustapa Mohamad had received “from somewhere”.

BN in merger talks with PPBM, says Umno MP

Padang Besar MP Zahidi Zainul Abidin says BN MPs have already discussed matter with PPBM leaders as they are seeking common ground to 'save' Malays.

Erdogan moves to shore up alliances as US standoff deepens

Erdogan’s overtures to Europe suggest he’s prepared to mend ties strained by past diplomatic clashes in an attempt to weather the US pressure.

Harley seeks alliance for lightweight bikes to grow India business

The Milwaukee-based company said last week it would launch a 250cc to 500cc motorcycle in India to boost sales in the world's largest two-wheeler market.

Trump seeks to revive ‘Arab Nato’ to confront Iran

Saudi officials raised the idea of a security pact ahead of a Trump visit last year to Saudi Arabia where he announced a massive arms deal, but the alliance proposal did not get off the ground.

Renault and Nissan set two-year target to boost alliance

The carmakers are in talks about options including setting up a holding company and putting Renault and Nissan under that umbrella.