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2020 Budget ‘Malaya-centric’, says Sarawak minister

He says Sabah received RM5.2 billion whereas Sarawak received only RM4.4 billion from the 2020 Budget.

NGO under probe over alleged misuse of govt allocations to help...

A source confirms MACC is probing whether a voluntary group's director and adviser had misused government aid meant for improving the educational level of Indian students.

RM60 mil for environment protection good but give us details, say...

Environmentalists want to know how the additional federal allocation will be used and whether states will stop relying on logging for income.

Go through proper channels to seek info on projects, DAP tells...

Pending assemblyperson Violet Yong says SUPP Central Youth secretary-general Milton Foo should get guidelines from his leaders before posing questions blindly through the press or social media and embarrassing himself.

Putrajaya to appoint a senator from among youths, says PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says the candidate must have wide expertise in issues concerning the development of youths.

Change ‘rich and developed’ notion of Penang, Chow tells Putrajaya

CM says this sort of thinking has hampered efforts to get more development funds from the federal government.

We’ll make sure you get the allocations you need, Dr M...

The prime minister says this is to ensure that the country's security forces have the latest and most suitable equipment to deal with threats and challenges.

TAR institutions have always been apolitical, says MCA leader

Sabah Wanita MCA chairman Dr Pamela Yong says Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng’s decision not to provide more allocations was made out of spite towards the party.

Untrue, says finance minister of rural development spending cuts claim

Lim Guan Eng says allocations have been increased, while those claiming the government is not prioritising rural development are trying to mislead the public.

Mat Sabu happy with RM20 mil increase in aid for armed...

Defence minister says despite cuts in allocations he will ensure armed forces are always in a prepared state.

Guan Eng: I’ll continue helping Kelantan despite ‘immoral’ label by Hadi

Finance minister hopes opposition parties stop resorting to racial and religious sentiments and instead use facts and figures.

Health ministry requesting RM30 bil in 2019 Budget, says deputy minister

Lee Boon Chye says the amount makes up 2.01% of GDP.

We will make Malaysia’s defence great again, says Mat Sabu

He says it is shameful that Indonesia and Vietnam have overtaken Malaysia in terms of defence.

Give equal funds to all assemblymen, Bersih tells states

The electoral reform group says it is time to put voters and citizens first and not continue with party-biased policies, especially in providing allocations.

Santiago: Give equal allocations to PH and opposition MPs

DAP's Charles Santiago says for a democracy to flourish, equal support needs to be given to opposition MPs to check government of the day.

Wee: Give PH reps in BN states equal funding

The Ayer Hitam MP hopes there will be no discrimination or punishment in any constituency.

Khairy praises PH govt for giving allocations for opposition MPs

Umno Youth leader hopes PH will consider providing equal allocations to all MPs in future.

Dr M on quarter-billion for Agong, and other questions

The prime minister answers questions from the press after chairing the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Think tank: Monitor health expenditure, don’t just increase funds

IDEAS welcomes increased allocation for public health, but says it is important to set up a good monitoring system to ensure the money is well spent.

Give Johor MB time to get used to his job, urges...

Johor PPBM chief Muhyiddin Yassin appeals to Pakatan Harapan grassroots members to be patient with the new Johor menteri besar.

Muhyiddin: Funds will be given for infrastructure in Johor Umno areas

This follows statement by Johor MB Osman Sapian that there will be no development allocations to all BN assemblymen in Johor and that he did not recognise the opposition head in the state.

4 Selangor PAS reps receive ‘frozen allocations’

Nine other PAS assemblymen are using their own resources first to carry out aid programmes in their areas.

DAP’s Lip Eng fails to strike out MCA’s RM100 mil suit

MCA is suing Segambut MP for alleging the party had never used its funds to give allocations to Chinese schools and instead had pocketed public funds.

Musa: BN doesn’t treat opposition areas any less

He cites RM8.5 million allocation to upgrade Donggongon market and work to ease floods in opposition-held Penampang as examples.