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Tag: Alphabet Inc

Google to pay FTC up to US$200 mil on YouTube probe

The settlement is set to be announced next week and will be the largest ever fine imposed for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

Google pledges carbon-neutral shipping, recycled plastic for all devices

The new commitments step up the competition among tech companies aiming to show consumers and governments that they are curbing the environmental toll from their widening arrays of gadgets.

Study shows cute kids are YouTube clickbait, child advocates concerned

YouTube has come under fire in recent years from lawmakers and parent groups who contend it has not done enough to protect the privacy of minors.

Former Google CEO Schmidt leaving Alphabet board

Schmidt is under fire for signing off on bonus payment to former executives who were sacked despite knowledge of sexual harassment charges against them.

Google announces more policy changes after employee protests

'We want every Googler to walk into a workplace filled with dignity and respect,'

SoftBank invests US$125 mln in Alphabet venture

This new venture aims to provide high-speed internet to remote areas by fly networking equipment at high altitudes.

YouTube’s ad revolt seen fleeting, brands just can’t quit Google

Brands haven’t stopped paying Google to spread their message on search results and through display ads across the web.

Google board sued for hushing claims of executive misconduct

Google was also accused of handling the resignation of executive Amit Singhal in a similar fashion, allowing him to “quietly resign” in 2016 amid sexual harassment claims.

Trump accuses Google of rigging search results against him

US President Trump claims social media “giants” are “silencing millions of people” as well as circulating negative news about him.

Chinese spygear titan ready to recoup US$11 billion market loss

Foreign investors have long been enamoured of Hikvision, whose shares more than doubled between December 2016 and March.

Facebook’s record selloff drags down other tech stocks

The social media giant continues to face public and federal scrutiny over privacy issues even as it missed revenue estimates and warned of slower sales growth.

Alphabet trounces profit estimates as Google reins in costs

Profit margins have dipped as more ads get shown on mobile devices, where Apple Inc and other firms charge fees to distribute Google search on their devices and apps.

The story behind Google’s secret offer to settle EU’s Android probe

When a company wants to settle, it needs to "reach out immediately after" getting the EU’s initial complaint or statement of objections.

EU’s attack on Android boosts rivals in the battle of the...

Google is expected to face an antitrust fine over Android that could top last year’s record 2.4 billion-euro ($2.8 billion) penalty for shutting out rivals to its shopping search service.

Facebook hires a head of chip development from Google

Facebook Inc. plans to build its own semiconductors, joining Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, and Amazon.com Inc. in trying to make its own custom chips.

Google cloud executive Bryant leaves after less than a year

Bryant, the most well-known and successful female executive in the $300 billion chip industry, led Intel Corp.’s market-dominating data-center business until May 2017, when she took a leave of absence for personal reasons.

Google exec says Microsoft beat search giant to buy GitHub

For Microsoft, GitHub is a key asset for appealing to developers in the competitive cloud computing market.

Google retires DoubleClick, AdWords brand names

Its basic tool for buying ads now will be named Google Ads, with access to inventory on Google search, its YouTube video service, the Google Play app store and 3 million partner properties.

Google to ban ads on cryptocurrencies, related products

Alphabet Inc's Google said on Wednesday it will ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies and related content starting in June.

Nonprofits scramble to comply with new Google ad policy

Google has announced that it will stop funding groups that generate clicks off less than 5% of their ads in two consecutive months.

Alphabet touts Cloud, YouTube to ease pain of Google costs

Google’s parent company reported fourth-quarter profit that missed analysts’ estimates, hobbled by rising payments for search and ad distribution to companies like Apple Inc.

Google removes gaming apps with pop-up porn malware

Dubbed “AdultSwine”, the malware hides inside game apps that Google Play data says have been downloaded 3 to 7 million times.

Google eyes Chinese e-sports market with US$120 million investment in Chushou

Google will help the Chinese firm expand its services to target more overseas viewers.

Google broadens takedown of extremist YouTube videos

Hundreds of videos of slain al Qaeda recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki lecturing on the history of Islam, recorded long before he advocated violence against the United States, were among those removed under the new policy.