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Bolsonaro: ‘Media is lying’ about Amazon devastation

Bolsonaro says sensational reporting 'aroused our patriotic sentiments'.

Indonesia plans tax overhaul to make tech firms pay VAT

The bill is part of Indonesia's broader tax reforms intended to improve revenue collection, increase compliance and attract investment.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro open to G7 aid if Macron ‘withdraws insults’

To talk or accept anything from France, with the best possible intentions, he (Macron) must withdraw the insults he made against me, says Bolsonaro

Bolivia’s Morales under pressure over voracious Amazon fires

Bolivian president Evo Morales has suspended his re-election campaign to direct the government's response to the disaster.

G7 dishes out emergency aid for Amazon forest fire crisis

A record number of blazes are ravaging the rainforest, many of them thought to have been started deliberately in Brazil, drawing international concern.

Brazil warplanes dump water on Amazon to fight fires

President Jair Bolsonaro authorised military operations in seven states to combat raging fires in the Amazon.

G7 to help nations hit by Amazon fires, says Macron

Ahead of the gathering, French President Emmanuel Macron called on world leaders to hold urgent talks on the wildfires.

Pope Francis calls for global commitment to put out Amazon fires

Pope Francis had previously called for a progressive reduction in the use of fossil fuels and wrote a major document in 2015 on the protection of the environment from global warming.

Hundreds of new fires in Brazil as Amazon outrage grows

The fires in the world's largest rainforest have triggered a global outcry and are dominating the G7 meeting in Biarritz in southern France.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro tells world not to interfere as Amazon burns

President Jair Bolsonaro responds angrily to world interference on forest fires raging Brazil's Amazon believed to be illegal acts perpetrated by Brazilian farmers.

Amazon opens its largest campus yet

The Seattle-headquartered company is making an ambitious push in India, the last major retail frontier still primarily reliant on small-scale neighbourhood stores.

Thailand asks tech firms to set up centres against ‘fake news’...

The proposal came as Asean telecoms regulators were meeting this week in Bangkok with an aim to come up with regional guidelines to regulate over-the-top platforms, including taxation policies.

Amazon, Swatch, Daimler and the risks of a global recession

Five global companies may stand to lose more than others as investors brace for a significant downturn in the world economy.

Devices that will turn your student dorm into a smart home

For students getting ready to go off to college for the first time, a handful of buyable dorm-friendly smart home devices will ensure you make the grade.

Amazon says French digital tax will hit consumers, small firms

Amazon says it is not in a position to absorb additional tax on revenue.

Amazon buys into Roland Garros TV rights

The arrival of Amazon and its streaming platform is a first for a sporting event in France.

Amazon has ‘destroyed’ US retail industry, Mnuchin says

The Justice Department’s antitrust division disclose plans to scrutinise tech platforms following mounting criticism across Washington that the companies have become too big and too powerful.

US announces antitrust review of Big Tech firms

The probe comes after the EU imposed hefty fines on Google over charges that it abused its dominant position, and launched a probe into Amazon.

France defiant in digital tax showdown with US at G7

France has passed a new law that will tax digital giants on revenue accrued inside the country, even if their European headquarters are elsewhere.

Amazon appeases German watchdog, but EU opens new probe

EU antitrust regulators say they would open their own investigation into whether Amazon's terms of service and use of merchant data violates competition rules.

Amazon offers US$10 to Prime Day shoppers who hand over their...

The catch is Amazon can use this data to improve its general marketing, products and services, unrelated to the shopping assistant.

Amazon workers strike as Prime shopping frenzy hits

The strike is part of an ongoing effort to pressure the company on issues including job safety and equal opportunity in the workplace.

German Jews condemn anti-Semitic items on Amazon

Josef Schuster says Amazon cannot portray itself as a simple 'supplier' and has to answer over the sale of anti-Semitic books and pro-Nazi merchandise.

Coal billionaire woos Amazon and Google with Indian data hubs

An Indian billionaire sets his sights on selling data storage services to companies such as Amazon and Google.