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Tag: Ambank research

Firma penyelidik kekal unjuran inflasi Malaysia 1% tahun ini

Semalam, Jabatan Perangkaan berkata, inflasi teras negara meningkat 1.5% pada Jun daripada 0.2% pada Mei, didorong oleh kesan pemansuhan GST pada 2018.

Raya season should boost car sales, says research house

Ambank Research says car sales are within the projection of 603,000 units for 2019 but challenges lie ahead.

March car sales hit 2-year high, says research house

Local cars expected to do well this year, says Ambank Research.

Revival of ECRL fails to add sizzle to construction sector, says...

The research house remains negative on the construction sector due to the deterioration in cash flow along the entire value chain.

Report: Budget 2018 to help automotive sector

AmBank Research's 2018 budget preview speculates on incentives to boost sales, especially to bottom 40% (B40) group of Malaysians.