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Tag: Ambiga Sreenevasan

Zakir Naik hilang hak bersuara kerana ucapan kebencian, kata aktivis

Polis Perlis baru baru ini melarang Zakir Naik daripada berucap pada satu forum awam kerana bimbang ia akan mencetuskan ketidaktenteraman.

AG will be asked to mediate in dispute over Taman Rimba...

The decision is made at a meeting attended by FT Minister Khalid Abdul Samad, lawyer-activist Ambiga Sreenevasan and Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism executive director Cynthia Gabriel.

I was referring to Ambiga and Cynthia, says Khalid on Kiara...

The Federal Territories minister responds to Hannah Yeoh's claims in the continuing dispute over the Taman Rimba Kiara development project.

Ambiga beri PH 6 daripada 10 mata

PH mengambil langkah berani membubarkan Biro Tata Negara sebaik sahaja mengambil alih kuasa tahun lepas.

Ambiga gives PH six on her 1-to-10 scale

She says the coalition moved fast towards reforms at first, but has since slowed down.

Ambiga slams the power-mad, reminds PH of their ‘deep moral duty’

'Malaysia needs more statesmen who look after the next generation, not politicians looking at the next election'

Ambiga, Fernandez question RM150 mil compensation for Taman Rimba Kiara project

Giving reasons as to why compensation can’t be that high, they urge the Cabinet to take proper legal advice and review the entire project and ask the MACC to get into the action.

So far so good with Dr M, but not his party,...

The former Bar Council president says PPBM is turning into Umno 2.0.

Ambiga’s lessons for Pakatan Harapan after the ICERD fiasco

Prominent human rights lawyer takes Putrajaya to task for not taking 'control of the narrative' and being caught on the back foot over its decision to ratify ICERD.

Lantik anggota SPR yang amanah, kata Ambiga

Paling penting mereka perlu bebas daripada kerajaan yang memerintah.

Appoint trustworthy EC members, says Ambiga

The former Bersih chairman says they must be independent of the government and act in accordance with the law and the Federal Constitution.

Ambiga tak adil tentang isu pertambahan ahli, kata Fahmi Fadzil

Pengarah komunikasi PKR berkata penambahan ahli turut berlaku di Lembah Pantai selain Julau.

Ambiga: Parliament shouldn’t interfere in appointment of judges

The former Bar president says this would violate the doctrine of separation of powers, and suggests that the JAC be made a constitutional body to recommend judges instead.

Make reforms committee proposals public, government told

Former Bar president Ragunath Kesavan says the people are entitled to know the contents of the report as they expect transparency and accountability from the new government.

Child marriage: No more excuses, member of Putrajaya’s reforms council tells...

Ambiga Sreenevasan responds to a report that the 41-year-old man who married an 11-year-old girl had been interested in her since she was seven.

Speaker post: Call to consider ex-judges, lawyers too

Fortify Rights legal director Eric Paulsen says restricting the candidates to MPs will reduce the field for the PH government to choose from.

Bersih denies proposing its former leaders to be EC head

Bersih 2.0 says there is no shortage of other experienced and reform-minded candidates to take over as Election Commission chairman.

Reform panel to hold two more meetings

After gathering public feedback for a month, panel expects to complete its report soon, says chairman KC Vohrah.

IDEAS suggests 5 areas for institutional reforms committee to tackle

The think tank, in welcoming the establishment of the committee, says it hopes the reforms will see ‘light of day’ within 100 days.

Others also qualified to become AG, says Bar

President George Varughese says the impression that the Bar is endorsing Ambiga Sreenevasan as the AG is both inaccurate and unfortunate.

Muslim lawyers body hits out at Bar for proposing Ambiga as...

The Muslim Lawyers Association president says such a move may give the impression that Ambiga Sreenevasan would be beholden to the Malaysian Bar.

Bar proposes Ambiga as the next attorney-general

Malaysian Bar president George Varughese says race, religion and gender must not form any part of the selection process for the AG.

Date of birth of 3,000 voters changed, says PKR

PKR communications chief Fahmi Fadzil says changes made in electoral roll over a space of few months, making one person's age 150.

Bar warns of effect in validating CJ, CoA president appointments

Bar lawyer Ambiga Sreenevasan tells apex court that appointments will affect independence of judiciary because it touches on security of tenure.