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Driver, patient killed after ambulance skids near Slim River

Another three Slim River Hospital staff were injured in the crash.

Australian ambulance to grant patients’ dying wishes

The Australian-first initiative is modelled on a similar programme run in the Netherlands.

Study: Ambulances ‘repeatedly targeted’ in Syria conflict

The attacks studied were mostly in opposition-held enclaves in and around Aleppo, Idlib and Damascus and nearly 90% were carried out by Syrian government forces and their Russian allies.

How to do CPR during emergencies

CPR helps maintain a continuous flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, failing which the brain will die.

Baby born on British roadside after snow blocks hospital dash

Dramatic birth of a British baby on a snowy roadside has warmed hearts as the country shivers in a blast of freezing weather.

Where is the political will to resolve the Mat Rempit menace?

If even our emergency vehicles are not safe, what does that say about the safety of our roads?

Mat Rempit in ambulance driver assault case identified

Cops say they were identified based on descriptions by the victim.

Ambulance driver attacked by Mat Rempit racers

Driver ferrying a patient lodges a police report after he sustains wounds from being beaten up by youths on motorcycles when he told them to give way on the road.

‘Kulim medical clinics plagued by equipment shortage’

Resident writes to ministry saying Kulim Hospital has inadequate number of ambulances and beds despite having dedicated staff.

Ministry studies need for dashboard camera in ambulance

Study follows behaviour of some motorists who hog emergency lanes when ambulances are rushing to administer treatment to the injured or the sick.

Ambulance slams into cars, bikes at traffic light junction in Penang

Fortunately, no one is seriously hurt.

‘RM225 million for 500 ambulances is a lot of money’

Former St John Ambulance commander says a standard ambulance usually costs RM100,000.

Kuan’s latest way to help the poor – a RM1 ‘hotel’...

This follows his 10 sen ambulance service and 10 sen library for kids, launched earlier this year.

PKR rep on hunger strike rushed to hospital

S Kesavan is rushed to hospital after supporters, fearing for his deteriorating health, call for an ambulance.

1 dead, 3 hurt in ambulance-car collision

Four passengers in the ambulance, including three hospital employees, have been injured with broken arms and skull fractures.

Union: No need for ailing senior citizens to travel to banks

NUBE secretary-general J Solomon says banks can direct their officers to attend to elderly and incapacitated customers at their homes.

Ambulance turns turtle in accident, 5 injured

MPV, driven by 21-year-old, rams into ambulance at traffic light intersection.

After 10 sen market comes 10 sen ambulance for poor

Service is for poor folks, says man of crazy ideas Kuan Chee Heng.

Emergency lane hogs get in the way, again

Road safety expert says motorists keep misusing the emergency lane and getting in the way of ambulances and fire engines because they feel they can get away with it.

Ambulance catches fire in Kuala Kangsar

Two staff of Kuala Kangsar Hospital however escape from the vehicle in time.

Ministry official slams hospital for not reporting ‘faulty stretcher’

Health Ministry deputy DG orders full probe into incident involving ambulance staff, faulty stretcher, and events leading to death of motorcycle accident victim.

Faulty stretcher causes further trauma on accident victim

Senior citizen dies following 'double accident', when wheels on stretcher buckle causing victim to fall on road and suffer head, facial injuries.

4 taxis block ambulance rushing to accident

Video shows the ambulance trying to overtake the taxis blocking their way on Elite Expressway on Monday afternoon.

Time to regulate ambulance industry

Maha Mas Medic Services CEO says regulations needed to ensure services meet a set standard.