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Show us draft MA63 bill, says Nancy Shukri

Nancy Shukri says Putrajaya should wait for special Cabinet committee's report and not rush the amendment.

Sosma can be abused for political reasons, says Maria Chin

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah says Sosma may still have loopholes to allow politically-motivated arrests.

Ex-judge: Amend constitution to allow top 4 judges to remain till...

Gopal Sri Ram says this is because if all four retire next year, there will be a vacuum on the bench, adding he believes the opposition will support the amendment.

Lawyers call for law reforms to solve stateless issue

They say amending Section 17 of Federal Constitution will allow many stateless children to be recognised as citizens.

Putrajaya wants NSC amended, not abolished

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Hanipa Maidin told the Dewan Rakyat that the government has looked into the National Security Council 2016 Act in detail.

It’s academic now, rules court of Tawfik’s bid to challenge Hadi’s...

Judge Nordin Hassan, however, said Tawfik can start a fresh action if a similar motion to introduce heavier punishments under shariah laws is tabled again and allowed by the speaker in the current Parliament.

Tapper feels guilty over Putrajaya’s push to raise age of marriage

The Kelantanese says his marriage to an 11-year old has affected everyone as the government is working on raising the minimum age of marriage to 18.

Citizenship: Give equal rights to both men and women, urges lawyer

Lawyer M Ramachelvam says women and men do not enjoy 'equal rights' when seeking citizenship for their kids.

Poland softens Holocaust law that sparked international fury

Lawmakers passed an amendment on Wednesday to eliminate the prospect of jail time for convicted offenders and President Andrzej Duda has already signed it into law.

Vague CBT charges against Najib must be corrected, says lawyer

The prosecution should amend the wording in the charges as soon as possible to ensure that the former prime minister is not confused, says Md Yusuf Md Idris.

Court: Anwar’s presence not needed in constitutional challenge

Chief Justice Raus Sharif questions the purpose of the opposition leader's presence when his application for leave will be heard in chambers before a single judge.

No debate on shariah motion but PAS still satisfied

MP Takiyuddin Hassan says although Hadi Awang’s motion was not debated today, the party is satisfied with its push for stiffer sentences for shariah offenders.

Anti-fake news bill reduces proposed jail time to 6 years

It had originally proposed a maximum of 10 years' jail for offenders.

‘Khalid Samad should file appeal against conviction’

IRF chairman Farouk Musa and lawyer Rosli Dahlan say otherwise it will seem as if the religious authorities are right in prosecuting the MP for teaching Islam without valid credentials.

Zahid: Change in laws needed to curb online gambling

Deputy Prime Minister says police and attorney-general to decide if existing laws should be amended or a new law drawn up to combat illegal gambling.

RM100,000 fine proposed for illegal cigarettes, liquor

Customs director-general T Subromaniam says the proposal is expected to be brought to Parliament in July.

SME Corp proposes ‘automatic discharge’ order under Bankruptcy Act

The bill to amend the Bankruptcy Act 1967 (Act 360) will be the focus of debate during the current parliamentary sitting.

Law to be amended to tackle online gambling

Difficult to nab operators as they use smartphones and they change the numbers frequently.