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Tag: Aminah Abdullah

JJ’s stepsister tells court his children continue to support her after...

Former minister Jamaludin Jarjis' stepsister also says she asked her nephew Ikwan Hafiz Jamaludin for RM100,000 recently to help settle her debts.

JJ’s children not involved in running companies, says stepbrother

He says his nephew and nieces only hold shares in 3 companies as registered owners and not as beneficial owners.

Ibu JJ tolak tawaran cucu atas pemindahan 9 juta saham 3...

Peguam yang mewakili Aminah Abdullah berkata, tawaran Ikhwan Hafiz dan Nur Anis tidak munasabah.

JJ’s mother rejects grandkids’ settlement bid over transfer of company shares

Her lawyer says they have rejected a proposal by Aminah Abdullah's two grandchildren to settle the suit, which will proceed for a full hearing on Thursday.

Jamaluddin’s mum files affidavit in tussle over RM2 billion estate with...

High court sets March 4 for case management to enable late envoy's wife and four children to file reply over wealth distribution certificate.

Mediation between JJ’s mother and widow over RM2.1 billion fails

The matter will be mentioned before a court deputy registrar on Nov 14.

Mother of ex-minister JJ in bid to get her share of...

Aminah Abdullah, the mother of Jamaluddin Mohd Jarjis, wants properties worth RM2.1 billion placed in her son's estate to be distributed according to Islamic law.

NGO gifts brooms to LGE in protest against Bersih

Clean yourself first before asking for clean and fair elections, group tells Penang chief minister.

LGE vs Azmin: UMNO dinasihatkan berhati-hati

Jangan ambil mudah ancaman PKR dan DAP bersatu menghadapi BN dalam pilihan raya akan datang