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Tag: Amino Agos Suyub

Rantau returning officer does not want same judge to rehear contempt...

Amino Agos Suyub files an appeal in the Federal Court on grounds it is a novel question of law.

Appeals court throws out Streram’s RM7.6 mil suit against EC, returning...

The Court of Appeal says the PKR candidate failed to show that returning officer Amino Agos Suyub is a public officer.

Court suggests retrial for returning officer’s contempt case

Lawyers have until Feb 7 to make their submissions on whether this is feasible, and if the retrial should be heard before another judge.

Lawyers hail ‘strong message’ to returning officers in Rantau verdict

R Kengadharan says returning officers are expected to act without fear or favour, while Mohamed Rafique Rashid Ali calls the judgment a timely reminder of the need to uphold the rule of law.

No pass needed at nomination centres, so why kick out Streram,...

Muhammad Rafique Rashid Ali accuses returning officer Amino Agos Suyub of acting in bad faith by refusing PKR's Rantau candidate entry to the nomination centre before GE14.

Court defers hearing to stay returning officer’s jail term

The Court of Appeal says it may not have the jurisdiction to hear the contempt proceedings as the matter originated from an election court.

Returning officer files appeal against jail term

Amino Agos Suyub has also filed a stay of execution pending disposal of his appeal in the Court of Appeal.