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Court orders seized money returned to businessman in landmark ruling on...

The ruling will have implications on the authorities to prosecute persons whose bank accounts were frozen for investigations over the 1MDB fiasco.

Police to continue searching Najib homes and office

Simultaneous raids on two apartments, prime minister's office and official residence and Najib's home, says head of federal commercial crime unit.

Police trying to open 20-year-old safe at Najib’s house

In a statement through his lawyer, former prime minister complains of harrassment on first day of Ramadan, and says three boxes of 'insignficant' personal items removed by police after an all night search.

36 alleged Gang 04 members charged in Ipoh

They were brought to court following their arrests in the nationwide ‘Ops Cantas Silver’ police operation.

BNM moves to make digital currencies transparent

Bank Negara reminds public that digital currencies are not legal tender in Malaysia.

Bekas exco Johor mengaku tidak bersalah

Abd Latif Bandi, anak lelakinya dan seorang perunding hartanah mengaku tidak bersalah terhadap 21 tuduhan AMLA melibatkan nilai RM35.78 juta.

Tycoon accuses IRB of bullying tactics

Lee Kim Yew says he has settled RM20 million in taxes since he took over as Country Heights Holdings executive chairman.

Peguam: Banglo Adam Rosly boleh diduduki walaupun disita

Fahmi Abd Moin berkata, Adam Rosly tidak dihalau dari banglonya, cuma beliau tidak boleh menjual atau memindah milik hartanah berkenaan.

Adam Rosly didakwa atas tuduhan beri keterangan palsu

Pemimpin muda PKR itu berdepan denda sehingga RM3 juta dan penjara 5 tahun bagi setiap kesalahan.

Sabah Watergate: Money laundering charge does not mean corruption ignored

Lawyers weigh in on use of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 on ‘Sabah Watergate’ scandal suspects.

Dakwaan ubah wang haram tak bermakna rasuah diketepikan

Peguam berkata pendakwaan di bawah AMLA terhadap suspek kes rasuah tidak bermakna ia lebih ringan berbanding tuduhan rasuah.

Corruption: RM157m worth of assets seized this year

This is a fantastic increase from the RM9 million seized last year and RM19m seized in 2014.

Sanjeevan’s house raided, vehicles seized

This is in connection with the ongoing probe against Sanjeevan under the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Polis serbu rumah Sanjeevan, rampas kereta dan motosikal

Pihak polis turut menyita akaun bank milik Sanjeevan dan semua harta yang disyaki terlibat dalam pengubahan wang haram.

Datin Seri faces trial over failure to declare assets

Widow of murdered mining business owner is charged with not declaring her income or assets when asked to do so by authorities.

Pegawai atasan DBKL didakwa 18 pertuduhan rasuah RM4.99 juta

Pengarah Eksekutif DBKL Datuk Seri Syed Afendy Ali Syed Abid Ali dibenarkan diikat jamin sebanyak RM1 juta dengan seorang penjamin.

Senior DBKL officer slapped with 18 corruption charges

Syed Afendy Ali Syed Abid Ali pleads not guilty to all charges of accepting bribes and assets worth millions, judge sets bail at RM1 million and orders passport to be surrendered.

Sanjeevan: I’m being probed under Anti-Money Laundering Act

Malaysian Crime Watch chairman says he expects to have more charges brought against him.

Sanjeevan jangka akan didakwa lagi, kali ini AMLA

"Jika itu harga yang perlu saya bayar, saya akan bayarnya," kata Pengerusi MyWatch itu.