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Tag: Amnesty International

HK court turns down judicial challenge on same-sex marriage

Rights group Amnesty International says case could have huge repercussions on country’s LGBT community.

Muhyiddin gets brickbats over statement on refugees

Don't talk about protection after deportation of Turkish family, says Amnesty.

Burqa ban enforced in the Netherlands

Both Amnesty International and the Dutch Council of State have come out against the ban, saying that it restricts religious freedom.

Amnesty calls on S.Korea to end discrimination of gay soldiers

Amnesty International states South Korea is reinforcing systemic prejudices among the LGBT community in the military force.

Amnesty raises fresh fears of executions in Sri Lanka

Amnesty International says it is alarmed over reports of preparations to resume hangings although there is no qualified hangman in Sri Lanka.

Vietnam man jailed for plotting terror attack

The report says that Binh is disgruntled because his family was relocated from their land in south-central Quy Nhon city and are unfairly compensated.

Amnesty calls for probe into Pakistan activist killings

The activists are part of a demonstration organise by the Pashtun Protection Movement (PTM) with a call to end alleged abuses by security forces against ethnic Pashtuns.

Amnesty gesa Putrajaya hukum pengusir warga Mesir

Jika Putrajaya mempunyai keprihatinan terhadap hak asasi manusia, ia harus mendedahkan identiti mereka yang membuat keputusan dan mengarahkan mereka bertanggungjawab.

Punish those who deported Egyptians, Amnesty tells Putrajaya

The rights group worries that the deportees, who seem to have disappeared, may be undergoing physical torture in detention.

Global executions at lowest level in a decade, says Amnesty

The capital punishment figures fell around the world from at least 993 in 2017, to at least 690 last year.

Saudi women activists back in court, temporary release ruling expected

Three dozen countries have called on Riyadh to free the activists.

Amnesty: Human rights in Hong Kong ‘deteriorating severely’

The Hong Kong government has hit back saying "foreign governments should not interfere in any form in the internal affairs" of the city.

Rights groups condemn Saudi over trial of women activists

Some detainees were allegedly tortured and sexually harassed during interrogation, following their arrest in a sweeping crackdown on campaigners.

US lawmakers, friends mark 100 days since Khashoggi murder

Washington Post's CEO Fred Ryan said Khashoggi's death had "touched his Washington Post colleagues deeply."

Saudi Arabia: Reports about torture by Amnesty, HRW are baseless

The rights groups accused Saudi Arabia on Tuesday of abusing several activists, including some female human rights defenders detained since May.

Detained Saudi activists face torture, sexual harassment, say campaigners

In addition to the torture, at least three women activists also endured 'forcible kissing and hugging'.

‘We don’t need their prize’: Myanmar defiant as Amnesty pulls Suu...

Suu Kyi's international reputation as a rights icon is in pieces and Amnesty's move is the latest in a string of rescinded accolades.

Amnesty International points to extrajudicial killings in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has been roiled by unrest since demonstrations began against planned welfare cuts by Ortega's government in April, which then spiralled into a wider protest against him.

Vietnam bars second rights campaigner from World Economic Forum

Despite sweeping economic reform and increasing openness to social change, Vietnam's ruling Communist Party retains tight media censorship and does not tolerate criticism.

Rights groups slam Egypt 5 years after deadly protest crackdown

Security forces moved in to disperse a sprawling Islamist protest camp in Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya square, where 900 protesters were killed by security forces.

Contact made with Chinese lawyer detained for three years

Lawyer, Wang Quanzhang, was able to meet his defence lawyer Liu Weiguo earlier this month at a detention centre in Tianjin, near Beijing.

Evidence shows coalition attacks on Syria’s Raqqa broke law, Amnesty says

According to Amnesty International, the US-led coalition did not take enough account of civilians or take the precautions necessary to minimise harm to them.

Over 50,000 want Dr M for Nobel prize, but rights group...

The petition alludes to Mahathir's commitment to transparency, democracy and rule of law following his recent electoral victory.

Woman killed in ‘attack’ on Darfur camp, Amnesty says

Amnesty International said that a 22-year-old woman was shot in the head and later died in hospital in the wake of an attack on an IDP camp in Zalingei.