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Amos Yee released after winning US ruling for asylum

Yee’s trials in Singapore were closely watched by rights groups and the United Nations, and fueled debate in Singapore over censorship, the limits of free speech and political correctness.

Blogger remaja Singapura dirompak di pusat tahanan AS

Amos Yee yang disabit di Singapura itu kini dipindahkan ke bahagian lain selepas membuat aduan mengenai seorang lelaki setinggi lebih 6 kaki.

Singapore blogger robbed ‘multiple times’ in US detention centre

Teenager says he was a specific target of Emmanuel 'Bubba' Reyes, who was convicted under illegal weapons and assault charges.

US judge grants Amos Yee asylum request

Amos Yee, 18, who has been jailed twice in Singapore, qualifies as a political refugee, according to a 13-page opinion by a US immigration judge.

US judge to rule on Singaporean blogger’s asylum request

After an hours-long hearing in a federal immigration court in Chicago, Sandra Grossman, Amos Yee's attorney, says a written decision will be issued in around two weeks.

Singaporean blogger detained by US immigration officials

Amos Yee, 18, who was jailed earlier this year in the Southeast Asian city-state, was stopped by customs agents at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on Dec. 16.

Singapore rebel teen jailed for anti-religion posts

In fresh charges filed in May, Yee was accused of intending to wound the feelings of Muslims and Christians.

Aug 18 date set for Amos Yee’s criminal case

The 17-year-old faces six charges of intending to wound the feelings of Muslims or Christians - via five videos and a photo -and two counts of failing to report to the Jurong police division.

Stranger assaults Amos Yee in shopping centre

The suspect is seen grabbing Yee from behind as the latter struggles to escape from the bear-hug and repeatedly shouts for help.

Vincent Law’s son defends father from Amos

Francis Law provides Facebook users with an entirely different narrative from what had happened while his father was Amos' bailor

Amos: Lo and behold Vincent Law the hypocrite

He was always shouting at me, threatening to discharge himself as my bailor and tried to control my life says Amos.

Give me 3 days to pen apology, Amos begs

The derisive Facebook post was a response to Vincent Law's demands for a public apology

Amos’ former bailor demands ‘unreserved apology’

Vincent Law says Amos' clarification on Facebook is insincere and does not absolve him from the molestation allegations he made

I trolled the ‘stupid’ media, says a smug Amos Yee

The teen reveals in a Facebook post that he manipulated the media into thinking they would get an exclusive interview with him

Amos Yee breaches bail with blog post

The young Singaporean has breached the terms of his bail with two new posts on his blog yesterday.

The wannabe intellectual that is Amos Yee

The young Singapore dissident fails to understand a basic rule of communication: know your audience.

Amos Yee reaches out for help

The teenage Singapore dissident is currently living on his last RM190 and needs help for his court cases.