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Pompeo suggests US may lift Turkey sanctions linked to pastor

President Donald Trump's administration imposed sanctions targeting Turkish Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul and Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu in response to Turkey's arrest and prosecution of US pastor Andrew Brunson on terror charges.

Freed US pastor home from Turkey, meets Trump at White House

Pastor Andrew Brunson received a hero's welcome at the White House.

Turkey frees US pastor after two years detention

Brunson's detention since 2016 caused not just one of the worst diplomatic rows of recent times between NATO allies Turkey and the US, but also a crash in the Turkish lira which exposed the country's economic fragility.

Turkey’s Erdogan hopes to rebuild US ties despite pastor row

The dispute has centred on the almost two-year detention of evangelical pastor Andrew Brunson on terror-related and espionage charges, and caused the Turkish lira to take a beating.

Turki dakwa AS lancar ‘perang ekonomi’ berhubung penahanan pastor evangelis

Jurucakap Presiden Turki, Tayyip Erdogan berkata, komen oleh penasihat keselamatan Presiden AS, Donald Trump membuktikan AS mensasarkan ekonomi Turki dan tidak menggambarkan prinsip serta nilai sekutu NATO.

US pastor’s lawyer plans appeal to Turkish constitutional court

The evangelical pastor, who has lived in Turkey for two decades, has been detained for 21 months on terrorism charges, which he denies.

IMF: Turkey must commit to policies to promote stability amid market...

The lira has lost nearly 40% against the dollar this year, driven by worries over President Tayyip Erdogan's growing control over the economy and his repeated calls for lower interest rates.

Turkey court rejects new appeal to free detained US pastor

The court in the western city of Izmir ruled that Brunson, who faces 35 years in jail over terror and espionage charges, will remain under house arrest.

Turkey holds out on releasing American pastor in talks

Turkey raised concerns about state-run lender Halkbank that’s under investigation for its role in a scheme to evade a US embargo on Iran.

US State Department: Turkey agrees to try to resolve issues

Brunson was placed under house arrest last week following nearly two years in jail on charges of espionage and supporting terror groups.

Turkish court rules that US pastor move from jail to house...

Andrew Brunson had already spent nearly two years in detention on terrorism charges.

Turkey rules to keep US pastor in jail

Brunson is accused of engaging in activities on behalf of the group led by exiled Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).