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Tag: Andrew Sebastian

Renewal of Lynas licence prompts questions from activist

Peka president Shariffa Sabrina asks how the government will monitor the company's compliance with the conditions it has set and what it will do in the event of violations.

Higher penalties needed on plastic waste, says activist

Faizal Parish says the volume being imported is potentially more than that generated locally.

Ancaman pencemaran Sungai Kim Kim mungkin belum berakhir, kata bekas menteri

Bekas menteri itu memberi amaran cuaca panas akan memburukkan keadaan dan gas toksik mudah tersebar ke kawasan lebih luas di Pasir Gudang.

Move Bukit Lagong project to area with acute housing need, says...

Environmentalist Anthony Tan says the planned housing project in the forest reserve will cause untold damage to the environment.

Pakar ekologi gesa Putrajaya cari alternatif ganti cukai karbon

Andrew Sebastian berkata, kerajaan perlu mengambil langkah positif dan proaktif mengawal pelepasan gas rumah hijau serta menangani perubahan iklim.

Forest lovers hail move to ban logging at Ulu Muda

They are now urging the government to gazette the area as a protected zone.

Tree-chopping, eagle-feeding and jet skis among threats to Langkawi, says group

A conservation group has offered to help the Kedah government in the wake of claims that the holiday island could lose its Unesco status.

Use environs-friendly bags instead, urges Mydin

Hypermarket owner says he supports suggestion by Selangor BN to not charge for plastic bags, but wants consumers to be given environment-friendly bags instead.

Group wants watchdog to monitor bauxite mining

Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Malaysia (Ecomy) says mining should not be carried out at the risk of public health and environmental degradation.

Praise for Kelantan’s plan to resolve illegal forest clearing

Kelantan Forestry Director Zahari Ibrahim has admitted 7,248ha of permanent forests have been cleared for agriculture and settlements.

Call for in-depth probe into death of elephants

One expert speculates on two possible reasons the rare pygmy elephants were stuck in a mud pool in Sabah.

Birds as tourism booster

Environmentalists say the government can attract a lot of foreign money by promoting bird watching activities.

Environmentalists speak out on worsening pollution

One says it is due to lack of environmental awareness while the other says it is because Malaysians lack the will to act to correct it.