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Ongkili slams Anifah over ‘no support on MA63’ claim

Former energy, green technology and water minister Maximus Ongkili describes the Kimanis MP’s statement as inaccurate and misleading.

No Sabah ministers wanted to join me to fight for MA63,...

The former foreign minister says as a result, he sought the assistance from opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan to bring the issue to the attention of both the state and the federal governments.

Anifah bayangkan parti baharu

Bekas menteri berkata keputusan menubuhkan parti baharu bergantung kepada hasil perbincangan tentang MA63.

Anifah hints at creating new party

The former foreign minister says the decision will depend on the outcome of deliberations by the MA63 committees.

Court defers decision on Anifah’s seat

Anifah Aman and Joniston Bangkuai's victories are being challenged by two Warisan leaders.

Anifah more likely to join PH than form new local opposition...

The former foreign minister may even take up responsibility of setting up PPBM in Sabah, says source.

Sabah Umno remains strong despite Anifah leaving, says Wanita chief

Sabah Umno Wanita chief Jainab Ahmad Ayid says leaders come and go but the party will remain, with others taking over.

Polls petitions: Court reserves Kimanis ruling until hearing of Kiulu case

Court also dismisses application to amend Kimanis election petition filed by Warisan legal team.

Kerjasama Umno-PAS punca pemimpin Umno keluar parti, kata penganalisis

Wong Chin Huat berkata kerjasama Umno-PAS pada ketika ini menjadi antara punca pemimpin tertinggi parti itu keluar dari Umno.

Anifah’s exit beginning of the end for Umno in Sabah?

It could set the stage for a new local-based political party, say political leaders in Sabah.

Reformasi akan dipercepat, kata timbalan presiden Umno

Mohamad Hasan mengakui proses baik pulih Umno berjalan perlahan tidak seperti yang diharapkan.

Annuar: Only Tok Pa, Anifah confirmed quitting Umno

The Umno secretary-general says he is not aware of others leaving the party in the wake of a list making the rounds that 17 others will follow suit.

Unfair of Anifah to blame Umno for MA63 failure, says youth...

Sabah Umno Youth chief Aziz Julkarnain reminds the Kimanis MP that under Najib Razak’s leadership, MA63 was openly discussed and actively pursued.

Umno deputy president says will speed up reforms, direction for party

Amid expectations that more Umno members will follow the lead of two top leaders and quit the party, Mohamad Hasan says the Supreme Council is concerned and will work to rectify the situation.

Lebih ramai akan keluar parti, kata Lokman Adam

Lokman Adam berkata ada ahli majlis tertinggi Umno sudah bersedia untuk meninggalkan parti itu.

‘Ini janji saya kepada rakyat Sabah’, kata Anifah Aman

Ahli Parlimen Kimanis berjanji akan keluar parti sekiranya Umno dan Barisan Nasional tidak boleh mengembalikan hak Sabah dan Sarawak.

Zahid slams Anifah, Mustapa for quitting as Umno is being tested

The Umno president says it is not right for the former ministers to claim that the party is weak when they have a personal agenda.

Tinggalkan parti saat Umno diuji bukan sikap terpuji, kata Zahid

Presiden Umno itu berkata atas alasan apapun, tindakan Anifah Aman dan Mustapa Mohamed keluar parti sangat tidak wajar dilakukan.

More will leave Umno, analyst predicts following exit of two MPs

A lack of direction and offers from Pakatan Harapan likely main factors for the sudden resignations of the two Umno MPs, says Azizuddin Mohd Sani.

Sudah adat pemimpin ‘datang dan pergi’, kata Bung

Timbalan pengerusi Umno berkata demikian selepas Anifah Aman keluar Umno kurang 24 jam selepas Mustapa Mohamed meninggalkan parti itu.

I’ll tell all later, Anifah says on leaving Umno

The Kimanis MP says he will call for a press conference 'when necessary'.

Kini, Anifah pula keluar Umno

Ia berlaku kurang 24 jam selepas Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Mustapa Mohamed mengumumkan keluar parti bangsa itu.

Now, Anifah resigns from Umno

The former foreign minister has submitted his resignation letter.

MA63: Opposition MPs will support constitutional amendment, says Anifah

The Kimanis MP and former foreign minister says the question of oil royalty should be resolved after the government implements the provisions under the agreement.