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Tag: Animals

Monkey business at the national zoo, says MTUC

Among others, the union says workers quarters not constructed despite allocation in 2001.

Dharma Dogs: Buddhist chants calm stray Myanmar mutts

Stray dogs are the main source of the problem but culling through poison has stirred debate through the Buddhist-majority country.

Sophie Gamand: Saving dogs one photograph at a time

With trusty camera in hand, Sophie Gamand is on a quest to rehabilitate the image of the 'ferocious' pit bull breed.

I am a sun bear, not your pet

The recent incident of a sun bear found locked-up in a condominium inspires a teacher to write a poem to raise awareness on this species' plight.

Penang vows to be kind to its stray dogs

State exco man says it was repulsed by Ipoh City Council's controversial shoot-at-sight method of controlling strays.

Wingmoms: How bonobo mothers help their sons find love

Bonobo mothers play the outsized role in ensuring their sons have fruitful sex lives: from using their rank to interfering with rivals' attempts to mate.

Little sun bear’s facial mimicry reveals complex social skills

Scientists discover sun bears are able to mimic another bear's facial expressions in a subtle type of communication.

War horses: Syria’s Arabian beauties plod way to recovery

As the Syrian Civil War comes to an end, the chance for the country's equine population to recover has come.

Brigitte Bardot seeks Christmas ‘miracle’ for animals

Bardot has appealed to Macron several times in recent months on animal rights.

Cat mummies, animal statues discovered in Egypt sarcophagi

The mission had also unearthed the first mummies of scarabs to be found in the area.

Hundreds of dogs hound May for ‘Wooferendum’ on Brexit

The dog parade took place two weeks before a larger pro-referendum rally, set to be attended mostly by humans.

Pyongyang gifts dogs to S.Korea’s Moon

The canine gifts come after a September meeting between Moon and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang.

S.African lion cubs conceived artificially in world first

The breakthrough could be repeated, with scientists hoping the technique can be used to save other endangered big cats.

Tourists complain French cicadas are ‘too loud’

It is the quintessential sound of the Mediterranean in summer, but for some French tourists the cicades of Provence are just too noisy.

Sightings, satellites help track mysterious ocean giant

While sharks have captured the imagination of sailors for hundreds of years, crucial details about their behaviour remain elusive to researchers.

Cameroon pangolin traffickers caught in the act

Police in Cameroon have shut down an international poaching gang after catching six traffickers carrying more than 700 kilos of pangolin scales, a conservation group said Tuesday.

Oldest hippopotamus in captivity dies at 59

She was found dead in the lake of the African-themed area where she lived in the zoo run by Israeli authorities in west Jerusalem.

Troye Sivan unleashes new single ‘Animal’

The Australian pop idol has unveiled a new track from his forthcoming album "Bloom", which is due for release on August 31.

Indonesia works to ban trade of meat from pets, exotic animals

People in some parts of the Southeast Asian nation are known to consume dog meat and the government faces pressure from animal rights groups to tackle the issue.

Docile or hostile?: ‘Domestication’ genes found in foxes

Some of the genetic regions identified correspond to autism and bipolar disorders, while others are associated with William-Beuren syndrome, which causes pathologically outgoing, friendly behaviour.

95% of lemur population facing extinction: conservationists

95% of the world's lemur population is "on the brink of extinction," making them the most endangered primates on Earth, a leading conservation group said Wednesday.

World’s biggest king penguin colony shrinks

The planet's largest colony of king penguins has declined by nearly 90% in three decades, alarmed researchers said Monday.

Elephant that died wasn’t expected to live past 5 years, says...

Park says the juvenile elephant was handicapped and had difficulty swallowing his food.

Mexico jaguar population grows 20% in eight years

The increase is partially due to the fact that Mexico signed an agreement on implementing a regional conservation program for jaguars.