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Tag: ANO

Czechs protest against PM Babiš before his second appointment

Protests against Andrej Babiš were held across the Czech Republic.

Planned Czech government to boost investments, defense spending

The planned coalition between the ANO and Social Democrats would increase defense spending, social spending, and infrastructure investments.

Czech ruling party says near coalition deal to end limbo

The Czech Republic has been in the midst of a political deadlock for half a year, but this may soon end.

Czech PM Babiš says government with Communists, far right a last...

Forming a government with the Communists and SPD party would give Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's ANO party a parliamentary majority.

Czech government talks break down in row over ministry posts

The ANO rejected the ČSSD's proposals on forming a coalition government.

Czechs protest Communist-era cop getting police oversight job in parliament

During the Communist era, Zdeněk Ondráček was behind a crackdown on demonstrations against the ruling regime.

Czech Social Democrats pick leader, bring viable government closer

Jan Hamáček is the new chairman of the Czech Social Democratic Party.

Czech PM Babis, wary of who becomes president, rushes to form...

Andrej Babis is attempting to form a new government before a new presidential term begins.