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Tag: anti-fake news bill

Dewan Negara passes Anti-Fake News Bill 2018

Minister Azalina Othman Said says the law will not restrict freedom of speech as it is only aimed at checking dissemination of fake news.

Guan Eng fears selective prosecution using anti-fake news law

The Penang CM says the opposition was surprised by PAS voting in support of the bill.

Don’t rubber stamp anti-fake news bill, Dewan Negara urged

Pakatan Harapan senators say procedures have not been followed and the bill is being bulldozed through the senate.

Dewan Rakyat approves ‘fake news’ law despite outcry

The Anti-Fake News Bill will now have to be debated in the Senate, though it is expected to be passed with more than half of the senate filled with BN members.

Exempt mainstream media from fake news law, say Sabah journalists

The Sabah Journalists Association says this is because fake news is confined mainly to social media.

Anwar slams BN over redelineation, Anti-Fake News Bill

Former opposition leader says if Pakatan Harapan wins GE14, it will set-up an independent Election Commission and repeal anti-fake news law.

We are not Germany, say lawyers over Anti-Fake News Bill

They say the Anti-Fake News Bill 2018 is no different from existing laws except for the heavier penalty it imposes.

Defer anti-fake news bill, says Nazir Razak

The prime minister's brother says the bill should not be rushed as it is about the basic rights of individual expression.

Muhyiddin to govt: How will you tell between fake and true...

The former DPM questions statement that DoJ reports on 1MDB are not fake news.

Opposition exploiting Dr M for political gains, says Azalina

Minister in the PM's Dept says she's disappointed former PM attended briefing on Anti-Fake News Bill meant for only opposition MPs.

C4: Fight fake news with transparency, not punishment

The NGO says making information available to the public is the most effective form of check and balance against corruption and abuse.

Too vague, too harsh, say rights groups on anti-fake news bill

Amnesty International says the bill is an assault on freedom of expression while Lawyers for Liberty says it is 'sheer overkill' and exaggerates the problem of fake news.