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Tag: Anwar-Azmin

I was too busy to attend PKR meeting, says Azmin

PKR deputy president says he has been unfairly targeted.

Azmin’s trusted man had secret meetings with Gerakan to plan escape...

A source confirms that a pioneer member of PKR had been testing waters days after the gay sex video went public.

Kerajaan PH tak tergugat, Wan Azizah nafi Anwar-Azmin berkonflik

Timbalan perdana menteri itu berkata, 'tiada persamaan dalam politik' adalah perkara biasa.

Academic calls for Dr M’s mediation between Anwar and Azmin

PKR crisis interfering with efforts to stabilise the economy, says UUM's Azizuddin Mohd Sani.

Two-thirds of divisions nationwide back Anwar, says PKR man

Anwar Ibrahim’s men say so far, 150 of 218 divisions have signed letters of support for him as their president and the 8th prime minister.

Dr M to speak at PKR meeting as shadow looms over...

It comes as the party is plunged into conflict over the gay sex video episode.

Azmin loyalist Zuraida admits split in PKR

But the PKR vice-president says things are made worse by the media.

27 pemimpin PKR kritik Anwar selepas minta Azmin letak jawatan

Mereka berkata Anwar sebagai presiden wajar berdiri teguh di belakang Azmin yang sudah menafikan pembabitannya dalam video seks sejenis.

Anwar-Azmin war will get nastier, says analyst

Kamarul Zaman Yusoff sees PKR destabilised, causing delay in Dr Mahathir Mohamad's handover of power

Look in the mirror, Azmin snaps back at Anwar

It comes after Anwar Ibrahim openly called for the PKR deputy president's resignation.

For PKR, power divides and unites

It's war again for PKR as pressure builds on Azmin Ali in the wake of a police swoop linked to the gay sex videos implicating him.

Why still no closure to gay sex video probe?

People find it difficult to understand why it is taking the police so long to wrap up the case.

Anwar faction gains ground in PPBM as sex saga continues

And Mahathir loyalists are eager to flush them out at party elections.

Anwar distances himself from aide’s call for Azmin to quit

The PKR leader urges party members to leave investigation to the police.

Call to push forth Malay agenda is Azmin’s personal opinion, says...

The PKR chief says PH should stick to its commitment to helping the poor from all communities.

Azmin says new council ‘credible’, Anwar’s absence no issue

The economic affairs minister brushes aside a question on why the former finance minister is not part of the Economic Action Council.

Anwar stands firm on PKR line-up despite Azmin’s protest

The PKR leader says Azmin's men are also in the new line-up.