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Don’t pressure Azmin to take leave, urges Anwar

The PKR president says such calls will have a negative impact on the leadership of the party and country.

Anwar condemns gay sex allegations against Azmin

PKR president says the party supports investigations by the police and MACC.

Unlike the meek civil servants, Latheefa will be different

She will have all the necessary traits and abilities to go after those who have been hiding and those who are seeking new political friends.

Early elections to block Anwar? Far-fetched, say analysts

Pakatan Harapan believed to be unlikely to risk snap polls, despite problems, while the opposition is gaining ground.

Kit Siang wise in withdrawing from debate, says Anwar

He says it was feared that the debate between the DAP veteran and former PM Najib Razak would have turned into a racial conflict.

Takiyuddin irresponsible for calling Anwar an ex-convict, says Azmin

The PKR deputy president reminds PAS that his party boss had received a royal pardon.

PAS sec-gen defends calling Anwar ‘ex-convict’, says critics should review court...

Takiyuddin Hassan says he spoke based on facts.

Anwar ignores PAS’ claim that he is not PM material

PKR president says he will refer to his lawyers to see if the PAS secretary-general's claim is an insult to the previous Agong who granted him a royal pardon.

Let Dr Mahathir finish his job before he steps down, says...

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman says Lim Kit Siang should not dispute the length of Mahathir’s term as prime minister.

Anwar free to do what he wants when he’s PM, says...

The prime minister says the PKR president is not required to heed his instructions when he steps down for Anwar to take over.

My social media accounts hacked, claims Anwar

The Port Dickson MP repeats calls for better safeguards against cyber attacks.

Avoid any missteps that will cause PH to lose next election,...

The PKR president advises PH leaders not to allow setbacks to affect their performance.

Anwar tells why PH facing backlash from Malays

He says the government has succumbed too much to pressure from the urban elite and civil society.

Anwar hails Singapore as ‘a great neighbour and friend’

He says both countries are mutually dependent and should work together more effectively, based on trust.

‘75% of Sabah PKR members will leave party’

Sabah PKR members want party president Anwar Ibrahim to interfere and put things right before unhappy members leave en masse to join other parties.

Malaysia’s strength depends on support of all ethnic groups, says Anwar

The PKR president says the country should get back on track to fulfill its promises based on the fundamentals in the constitution.

PH attracts big crowds in final stretch of Rantau polls campaign

A 1,000-strong crowd was seen at PH's ceramah held in both Bandar Ekar Rantau and Bandar Seri Sendayan.

Anwar a better leader than Najib, Dr M says

The prime minister says it is more acceptable for the PKR president to lead the country than his predecessor.

Mahathir had meant a royal personality, says Anwar

In response to speculation that it was someone within Pakatan Harapan, the PKR leader pinpoints a particular 'personality'from a royal family.

Indie candidate forced out of PKR’s 20th anniversary function

Malar Rajaram says she was eager to meet PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim to pass him her manifesto but was abused verbally.

On party’s 20th anniversary, Anwar urges PKR supporters not to forget...

He quotes a philosopher saying that 'those who forget history tend to repeat it'.

Stop criticising Nurul Izzah, focus on economy, Anwar chides Azmin

Anwar says the most important thing at the moment is resuscitating the economy.

Fokus pulih ekonomi negara, usah sibuk kritik Izzah, Anwar ingatkan Azmin

Presiden PKR itu berharap kenyataannya dapat meredakan keadaan kerana paling penting ialah masing-masing menjalankan tugas sendiri untuk memulihkan ekonomi negara.

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