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‘Hikmah’ makanan penjara buat saya sihat, seloroh Anwar

Anwar kongsi rahsia kekal sihat tanpa sebarang penyakit selepas diberi layanan ‘teruk’ dalam penjara.

Anwar says Sosma too harsh, must be changed

Certain aspects and sections of Sosma should be amended and improved for the benefit of all parties, as the law has been deemed too harsh.

Dr M doing what he can to fulfil PH manifesto, says...

The PM-in-waiting says Mahathir has said some of the promises made in GE14 election manifesto need to be put on hold.

PH never set date for Mahathir handover, says Kadir

PM's media adviser says "whether it is 2020, 2030 or even 2050, the date is not specified" in the agreement among PH leaders.

There is now certainty to Anwar becoming PM

Anwar has been an extremely disciplined leader, never putting pressure on Mahathir to give up the post early and always consulting him.

Programme attended by Anwar was apolitical, says Murut body

The Murut organisation was forced to explain itself after some participants were told to answer show cause letters issued by Warisan for taking part in the two-day programme.

No issue with Azmin attending PPBM event, says Anwar

Many other PKR leaders besides Azmin were also present at the event, and "there is no problem", says the PKR president.

PPBM ‘will consider’ if Azmin applies to join, says Dr M

However, the PPBM chairman says there has been no membership application from the PKR deputy president.

Parliamentary select group to discuss UN report on Malaysia’s poverty rate

Parliamentary select committee chairman Anwar Ibrahim says the United Nations report was forwarded to the group 2 weeks ago.

Mahathir must stop this passive-aggressive-type leadership

The public is getting more restless over unfulfilled electoral pledges and we need a strong, confident leadership.

PH agreement on succession must be respected

Anwar Ibrahim has never requested for a minister’s post.

‘No room’ for Anwar in my Cabinet for now, says PM

Dr Mahathir Mohamad says if there is a vacancy in the Cabinet, he will consider suitable candidates.

Anwar urges govt to review decision on Lynas

The PKR president says there should negotiations.

Stop making calls for Dr M to quit as PM, urges...

He says nothing has changed on Pakatan Harapan leaders' stand on him succeeding Dr Mahathir Mohamad as PM.

Fed up, pro-Anwar group decides to set handover date

Otai Reformis says since Mahathir is dilly-dallying, they will announce a deadline of either January or May.

Prioritise party meetings, PKR leaders told after Azmin’s no-shows

These leaders are told that the takwim’ (schedule) detailing party events is sent out months in advance.

PKR man says Baru Bian acted for fear of his post

Signature campaign to support party's top leaders shows signs of division, says party official.

Sarawak PKR backs both Anwar and Azmin

More than 30 state party leaders support the status quo and urge party members to close ranks

Will Anwar roll back Mahathir’s Bumiputera policies?

PM-in-waiting must tell Malaysians what he intends to do when or if he takes power.

Zahid hits out at Anwar over ‘racist’ charge

Umno president says only an ingrate will call the party racist, asks Anwar to resolve the issues in PKR before commenting on Umno.

Zuraida denies she, senior leaders skipped PKR retreat on purpose

The PKR vice-president says it is a 'coincidence' that she and senior leaders like Azmin Ali, Tian Chua and Ali Biju are absent at party weekend retreat.

Act against those behind gay sex video, Johor PKR branch chiefs...

The group also says they had previously rejected sodomy claims linked to Anwar Ibrahim.

Politics and the common man

As politicians fuss over sexual escapades and Malay unity where does that leave solutions for a better Malaysia?

NEP not sustainable, says Anwar

PKR president says dismantling the 'affirmative action' programme does not mean that the poor will be neglected.