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Tag: anxiety

Stressed pregnant women tend to deliver girls, study finds

Those with anxiety or depression are also at high risk of premature births.

Social anxiety affects all aspects of your life

People with social anxiety disorder go to great lengths to avoid social situations. Here are some tips to overcome it.

Singaporean schoolkids struggle with stress

Schoolchildren are paying a heavy price for Singapore's success in global education rankings with rising numbers of stress- and anxiety-related cases.

How emotions are linked to your kids’ appetite

Emotional eating is the act of consuming food not because one is hungry, but because one is bored, is craving comfort or is experiencing mood swings.

Anxiety disorders: When it’s more than just in the mind

Constant anxiety can affect our digestive, urinary and even respiratory systems, cause risk of infections, and changes in cardiovascular function.

Identifying the underlying issues of why we procrastinate

Being under stress, suffering from ADHD, anxiety or depression can be some of the reasons why we keep putting off doing simple tasks.

Anxiety, depression linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Research has found that experiencing symptoms of psychological distress such as depression and anxiety may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease

Chile miners urge rescued Thai boys to be wary of new-found...

The 33 former gold miners were themselves the focus of international media attention eight years ago when they were freed after 69 days trapped underground at the San Jose mine in northern Chile.

A caregivers’ guide to dealing with dementia patients

Caregivers must always speak softly and refrain from arguing with dementia patients, and be willing to occasionally tell a 'therapeutic lie' to restore calm.

In daytime discos, S.Korea’s elderly find escape from anxiety

South Korea is ageing faster than any other developed country, yet there are few post-retirement jobs, or even cheap leisure, available for the elderly.

Partner’s scent eases women’s response to stress

A partner’s scent alone, even without their physical presence, can be a powerful tool to help reduce stress.

Sleep: Less than 8 hours a night increases risk of depression

The researchers observed that those who slept less and took longer to fall asleep found it more difficult to disengage from negative information.

Clinical hypnosis for happiness seekers

Ridding oneself of persistent feelings of anxiety, depression and pessimism is possible when one learns to leverage on the powers of clinical hypnosis.