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Tag: apolitical

Police raids on Aussie media fuel calls for journalist protections

'My government is absolutely committed to freedom of the press,' says Prime Minister Scott Morrison to reporters on Thursday.

Pentagon chief calls for political neutrality in military

'Our mission, to protect and defend the nation, is apolitical,' says acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan.

Lawyer Syahredzan is Kit Siang’s political secretary

The lawyer says he will continue with his legal practice, stressing that it is a DAP appointment and not related to the government.

Ex-servicemen: Probe alleged abuses by military intelligence in GE14

The National Patriots Association calls on the authorities to probe claims that the military intelligence office had worked for a BN victory.

Even apolitical figures now taking sides, says rights lawyer

Syahredzan Johan says this is because change is needed for democracy to truly take place.

Ex-servicemen salute armed forces chief for ‘we are apolitical’ statement

Patriot president Mohamed Arshad Raji tells armed forces chief to go further and openly tell personnel they are free to vote the candidate and party of their choice.

Armed forces chief: We don’t support any political party

General Raja Mohamed Affandi says all army personnel are loyal to king and country until their deaths.