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Driverless buses booked using an app, soon in Singapore

Well-organised and high-tech, Singapore has become a testbed for self-driving vehicles.

Shiseido’s beauty app promises perfect skin, for a price

For US$92 per month, customers will be able to access Shiseido’s skincare subscription service, Optune.

Robinhood is set to raise at least US$200 million in new...

The cash infusion is coming from existing investors with the company’s valuation could climb to as much as US$10 billion in a subsequent round.

Joompa: Coach creates app to match users with personal trainers

Benjamin Price creates Malaysia's first ever sports coach concierge service to match users to experts in strength training, yoga, kickboxing and more.

Introducing the new FMT News app

The new app can be downloaded free from Google Play and App Store.

Twitter now lets users appeal rule violations in app

This will allow users to 'get back to people 60% faster than before'.

Part 1: 20 super cool things you can do for free...

From learning new languages and taking notes to creating great designs and composing music, there's something for everyone online and it's all for free.

Artsy’s new city guide leads art fans to galleries in six...

Founded in 2009, Artsy has a collection of more than 1 million artworks linked to more than 3,000 galleries, 800 museums and 80 art fairs.

Saudi defends app allowing men to monitor female relatives

The ministry rejected what it described as "attempts to politicise" the tool.

15 recommended Android apps for downloading

Since almost every task these days can be done via our smartphones, here is a list of apps, most of which are available for free.

Snap shares soar as Android app shows promise

Analysts say if Snap can repair the reputation of the Android app on what is now the world's main mobile operating platform, its user growth may return.

Amazon mulls building physical stores in London

The stores will sell items such as ready-to-eat food and meal kits and will be connected to its Amazon Go app.

New app gives throat cancer patients their voice back

Vlastimil Gular underwent minor surgery on his vocal cords revealed throat cancer, which led to the loss of his larynx and with it, his voice.

As TikTok videos take hold with teens, parents scramble to keep...

The app itself promises a video-sharing community that's 'raw, real and without boundaries' and claims to be appropriate for children aged 12 and older.

Want to know what’s happening in Dewan Rakyat? Check out the...

The speaker of Dewan Rakyat says the app is to grant greater access to the public to get information about what happens in Parliament.

How does expense tracking work?

Learn how to track your expenses effectively as well as how beneficial this practice can be when it comes to stretching your ringgit and saving money.

Avon delivers personalised makeup diagnoses with new app

Avon is getting personal, with the launch of its 'Personalised Beauty App,' which will allow its six million representatives to deliver a more tailored level of service to clients.

Facebook simplifies Messenger app

Menlo Park has positioned Messenger as a tool for businesses to efficiently handle customer questions or concerns.

Google tweaks privacy policy for Indian payment app after rival complaint

Local rival Paytm complained that Google's platform allowed disclosure of customer data for advertising and other purposes.

Go-Jek is said in talks to raise at least US$2 billion...

Go-Jek is building up its arsenal to expand in Southeast Asia and fight Singapore-based rival Grab.

Meituan is said to attract Hong Kong tycoons to US$4.4 billion...

Li, who is Hong Kong’s richest man, is planning to buy stock in the offering in his personal capacity.

This new Google tool tells you when to buy holiday season...

New insights from Google reveal that right now—late August—might be the best time to start thinking about your holiday travels if you want to get the best flight or hotel deal.

Facebook suspends 400 apps in developer data investigation

One such investigation, into an app called myPersonality, resulted in a full ban because the app didn’t cooperate with an audit.

How to prevent Google from recording your movements

For those of you who are eager to protect your privacy, there is a way to prevent Google from tracking your smartphone.