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Ipoh Club upset with RoS for refusing to okay its revised...

The RoS has told the management committee it can appeal but president Thong Fah Chong says they do not know on what grounds they should appeal as no reason was given for the rejection.

Time to reveal statistics of successful loan applicants

Data on loan applicants' salary range and price of median property can help educate first-time home buyers about their monthly expenditure and expectations.

Petron applied to be fuel provider during BN’s era, says MoF

The ministry of finance says the fact that negotiations began under former prime minister Najib Razak’s leadership shows there is no nepotism involved.

California lawmakers approve data-privacy bill opposed by Silicon Valley

Brown signed the measure hours after it unanimously passed the two houses of the legislature as part of an effort to stop a similar measure from reaching the state's November election ballot.

Tesla shareholders approve CEO Musk’s $2.6 bln compensation plan

Shareholders of electric car company Tesla Inc approved a compensation package potentially worth $2.6 billion for Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk on Wednesday, though by a lower margin than U.S. CEOs typically receive on pay votes.

DoE okayed 2 other projects near quarry, says council

A college and a luxury home project were given approval much closer to quarry site, near where 11 people were buried alive in a landslide.

‘No’ to reclamation project if people don’t benefit, says PM

Prime Minister Najib Razak says federal government has its own reasons for approving projects and will not reject something solely on political grounds.

Ministry men who can dole out RM100 million in contracts

The secretary-general of any ministry can approve contracts worth up to RM100 million, and if the Finance Ministry agrees, even more than that.

Ex-PKR MP: Penang gov’t can’t exercise powers arbitrarily

Lawyer Yusmadi Yusoff laments Penang Chief Minister’s disapproval of 1MDB land deals even before it can submit its plans.