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Tag: archaeology

Archeologists find remains of 227 sacrificed children in Peru

The Chimu civilisation extended along the Peruvian coast to Ecuador but disappeared in 1475 after it was conquered by the Inca empire.

Travel to Sungai Batu to see sites over 2,000 years old

Sungai Batu in Kedah holds the ruins of several Hindu-Buddhist temples dating back to the eighth and eleventh century.

Jerusalem’s Tomb of the Kings to reopen to public

Visits will be limited to 15 people in 45-minute stretches and visitors needs to dress 'properly' to enter the funeral site.

Ancient Afghan citadel collapses, cultural heritage sites at risk

An ancient tower dating back 2,000 years in the historic Afghan city of Ghazni collapses, raising concerns about the vulnerability of the country's cultural heritage and the government's ability to protect them.

Secret chamber uncovered 2,000 years on at Nero palace

The archaeologists who discovered the chamber say it is a significant discovery.

Egypt uncovers Old Kingdom cemetery

Ashraf Mohi, Director General of Giza Plateau, says the cemetery was re-used extensively during the Late Period, starting from the early seventh century BC. 

Cave of relics found under Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza

Mexican archaeologist Guillermo de Anda calls the cave a 'scientific treasure' that will help scientists better understand the history of Chichen Itza.

Study: Angkor’s gradual abandonment through history

Archaeologists and historians have long sought to explain the 15th-century abandonment of Angkor.

Egypt unveils Pharaonic tomb, home to 50 mummies

The mummies, 12 of which were of children, were discovered inside burial chambers in the Tuna El-Gebel archaeological site.

Keeping Sarawak tribal spirits safe in their jungle megaliths

More state aid is needed to protect the remaining heritage sites from development.

Egypt unearths tomb of ancient high priest

The tomb belongs to "Wahtye", a high priest who served during the fifth dynasty reign of King Neferirkare.

Cat mummies, animal statues discovered in Egypt sarcophagi

The mission had also unearthed the first mummies of scarabs to be found in the area.

Roman-era tombs discovered in Palestinian village

The cemetery dating to the first century AD, when the region was under Roman rule, was found in the village of Idna in the southern West Bank.

Britain’s dry summer reveals ancient sites

Among the new discoveries are two Neolithic monuments near Milton Keynes in central England.

Team finds sacred part of Vilnius synagogue razed by the Nazis

An international team of archaeologists announced the discovery of the most revered part of the Great Synagogue of Vilnius.

Mystery Egypt sarcophagus found not to house Alexander the Great’s remains

The sarcophagus in Alexandria contained the remains of an ordinary family of three.

Egypt archaeologists find 4,500-year-old pottery workshop

The find was made near the city of Aswan.

Archaeologists in Peru uncover Incan burial site in desert valley

Two dozen cave-like tombs with human remains and pottery from the Incan culture have been unearthed so far at the Túcume Archaeological Site.

Climate change sinking Arctic archaeological treasures

But with faster and more severe climate change in the poles than the rest of the world, the situation has become desperate, with far more sites that will soon be lost than scientists have the time or resources to document.

Neanderthals hunted in bands and speared prey up close, study says

It has been discovered that Neanderthals used spears to kill prey.

Archaeologists discover new geoglyphs near Nazca Lines in Peru

The Palpa Lines are carved into hillsides and can be seen from below.

Evidence of world’s largest child sacrifice found in Peru

An archaeological excavation in Peru uncovered the remains over approximately 140 children and 200 llamas.

Sudan unearths bones from pyramid for DNA testing

The bones were found in a burial chamber in a pyramid located in Bagrawiyah.

Women ran things in ancient Peru, a new study argues

In ancient Peru, women held much more power than was previously believed.