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Tag: architecture

Romania’s ‘Roma palaces’, a status symbol for poor minority

In one of the EU’s poorest nations, Roma palaces dot the countryside.

How to climate-proof Paris’ architectural jewels

It may even be Paris' unique architectural integrity that makes adapting to warmer climates such a challenge: 80% of its buildings were built before 1945.

Frank Lloyd Wright buildings named Unesco World Heritage sites

Eight masterworks by US architect Frank Lloyd Wright, including the Guggenheim Museum in New York, are selected as World Heritage sites, a first in the field of architecture for the US.

Descend, Eat, Marvel: Europe’s first underwater restaurant

The restaurant serves up Poseidon's delicacies in an architectural showpiece that stretches down five metres underwater, offering a unique closeup of ocean life.

Tired to trendy: architects give Russian provinces urban makeover

The idea of creating pleasant public spaces might not seem groundbreaking but it is only just taking root in Soviet-planned cities like Belgorod.

Tirana’s ‘pyramid’ puts checkered past behind it for new tech future

After years of neglect, the crumbling structure is now set for another rebirth as an IT hub in the heart of Albania's fast-changing capital.

The epic story of Notre Dame

The Notre Dame other than being a historic monument, also happens to be a tourist hotspot and terror target.

Japan’s Arata Isozaki wins Pritzker prize, the ‘Nobel’ of architecture

Isozaki is considered one of the first Japanese architects to have absorbed Western styles and influences into his work.

Carpenter preserves old Shanghai, one nail at a time

Carpenter Ma Jiale is not saying modernisation is bad, but historical buildings should be preserved.

A street sign is more than just a sign

A street name can have a powerful effect on our common heritage of building this country together as a nation of many ‘nations’, and a city is really the imprint of the memories of its people.

Singapore’s architectural history under threat from redevelopment frenzy

The Singapore Heritage Society said more needed to be done to preserve architectural landmarks.

Architects and urban planners champion African design influence from Wakanda to...

According to urban planner Nmadili Okwumabua, African and African-influenced architecture is not as prominent as it should be.

A whimsical white house exhibit beckons the imagination in Washington

The idiosyncratic group -- which sees itself as creating neither art nor architecture, but rather something in between -- invites Washingtonians to immerse themselves in a tactile show that captivates with a sprinkling of whimsy.

Bullying and the public school dilemma

More must be done to ensure that children are not bullied in school due to neglect by teachers or poor architecture design.

Glimmer of hope for Romania’s faded architectural gems

Described by the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I as "Europe's most beautiful spa resort", Herculane was a favourite spot of the Romans, who were fans of the 'miraculous' benefits of its thermal mineral waters.

How privatisation made life hell in low-cost flats

Too many people end up in one building and this affects living conditions and personal interaction, says architecture professor.

Nagami brings designs by Zaha Hadid, Daniel Widrig and Ross Lovegrove...

New Spanish design brand Nagami, based in Ávila, unites 3D printing with some of the architecture and design world's veterans in a collection due to go on show at the Milan Furniture Fair (April 17-22, 2018).

Soul-searching as symbol of 70s Singapore faces demolition

Pearl Bank and other buildings from the era are held dear by some Singaporeans as a reminder of the country's blistering development after independence in 1965.

Academic: Lack of parking shows Putrajaya not people-centric

UCSI's Tajuddin Rasdi laments failure in architecture and design of government buildings to serve the taxpaying public, and serving civil servants instead.

Local buildings fail to reflect multi-culturalism, says academic

UCSI's Tajuddin Rasdi says design of mosques used to be inclusive, universalistic but now is more Middle Eastern and projects a siege mentality on non-Muslims.

Here’s an idea: turn ‘dead’ back lanes into ‘living’ room

Architect suggests that city dwellers and local authorities give another thought to making positive use of the dead space behind houses.

Poor housing development design, planning hurts racial ties

Architecture lecturer says lack of effort to accommodate multiracial, multi-religous community needs and poor design of houses can cause more tension.