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Tag: Armed Forces

Defence White Paper to be tabled in December

Defence minister says the document, which will chart out a 10-year defence plan, is in its final stages.

Armed forces respects family’s call for inquest into Major Zahir’s death

MAF chief Gen Zulkifli Zainal Abidin says the family will be given a detailed briefing once all matters concerning Mohd Zahir Armaya's death are settled.

Actor Badul calls for inquest into son’s death

He says he is not happy with the chronology of events and wants more details.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro authorises army to help fight Amazon fires

Criticism from the international arena over Brazil's poor handling of the Amazon fires prompts President Bolsonaro to deploy armed forces to combat raging fires.

Armed forces like an ‘insurance policy’, says deputy defence minister

Following remarks made by a tycoon, Liew Chin Tong says the role of the armed forces is to prepare for war to maintain peace.

I had no intention to insult anyone, says Koon

'I am sorry for my mistake, I truly appreciate the sacrifice and contribution of the armed forces to the nation,' says tycoon Koon Yew Yin.

Breaking his silence on tycoon’s remarks, Mat Sabu questions selective netizens

The defence minister says anyone who insults the armed forces is an enemy of the nation, but notes that there was no outrage when a Muslim gave similar criticism.

We’re trained to kill, not for cheap labour, veterans tell tycoon

Patriot hits back at Koon Yew Yin for saying that armed forces personnel are 'doing nothing except eating and sleeping'.

Armed Forces co-op announces 10% dividend

Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu says this is a remarkable achievement as country's economic health is not at its very best.

PM agrees with several proposals in Defence White Paper, says armed...

They are expected to be tabled in Parliament in October.

Trump’s controversial transgender troop ban takes effect

The Pentagon estimates that 9,000 people who identify as transgender are currently serving in the military, out of a total of 1.3 million active-duty personnel.

Indian opposition attacks Modi over alleged political use of armed forces

Pollsters say opposition parties may be making a mistake by questioning Modi on national security instead of focusing on more basic issues, such as a shortage of jobs and farmers' distress.

‘Cash ties’ with Saudis why BN sent troops to join Yemen...

The prominent social critic slams the 'total deviation' of foreign policy, saying the sending of troops to Riyadh in 2015 didn't get the consent of Parliament.

Defence ministry: We care for welfare of veterans

Veterans facing problems or seeking help must go through proper channels, it says.

Armed Forces studying potential security threats from 5G technology

Its chief, Gen Zulkifli Zainal Abidin says they will present their findings to the government.

Unreasonable to hold Dec 8 ICERD rally, says Patriot

The body, representing former policemen and soldiers, says if the rally organisers insist on holding the rally, the defence forces chief should issue a statement that soldiers will join police to quell any resulting riots.

Be serious, we are the army, says ATM

The armed forces defends a directive to stop the use of Malay poetry in formal military functions.

Mindef warns servicemen against taking part in PKR polls

Defence ministry says they view seriously accusations that armed forces personnel were actively participating in politics.

Armed forces personnel banned from political activities in PD

Armed forces chief Zulkifli Zainal Abidin says the ban will not just be for the Port Dickson by-election but will be imposed on all elections in the future.

Old soldiers fondly remember a lost multi-racial military

The Malaysian military must stop shooting itself in the foot with barriers to ethnic minorities.

Mat Sabu: Armed Forces trio told to report back for duty

The defence minister says a decision will be made on the matter as soon as possible.

Escorts not assigned to Hishammuddin after May 9, says Armed Forces

The Armed Forces says it is probing claims that 3 personnel are still serving as escorts for the former defence minister.

Mat Sabu orders probe on military men serving Hishammuddin

The defence minister says action will be taken if they are found to have violated the regulations.

Affin Bank boss to head Armed Forces Fund Board

Zahidi Zainuddin, a former Malaysian Armed Forces chief, was with the defence forces for 39 years.