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Army chief blasts ‘soldier’ who stripped in lewd video

Army chief Ahmad Hasbullah Mohd Nawawi says disciplinary action will be taken if a military person is the man in the obscene clip.

Langgar privasi… Army selar tindakan restoran kongsi video BTS makan

BTS yang berada di New York makan malam di restoran Baekjeong dan aksi mereka dirakam pemilik restoran mendapat kecaman.

RM300 mil helicopter deal ‘part of Mindef probe’

Defence Minister says speculation could jeopardise investigations into procurement, governance, and finance.

Top company execs held in arms deal probe

DRB-Hicom confirms MACC investigation into DefTech over armoured vehicles contract.

Tugu Negara: Remembering our fallen heroes

Since the end of Word War I, Remembrance Day ceremonies are held every year at the National Monument to commemorate armed forces personnel who died in the line of duty.

Myanmar army warns against changing ‘essence’ of constitution

Major General Tun Tun Nyi says 45 people is not enough to review the charter and the process "would not be fair".

Army probes claim that senior officer punched soldier

This follows video showing a man punching an armed soldier guarding the entrance to the Sungai Udang military camp in Melaka.

China’s Xi calls on army to be battle-ready

China is keen to beef up its armed forces amid territorial disputes in the South China Sea and escalating tension with the United States.

Defence ministry denies 75 Indian youths to be absorbed into military

Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong denies a statement issued by an officer to Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran on the mattter.

Kosovo asserts independence with vote to build an army

The former Serbian province is currently guarded by NATO-led peacekeeping troops, who have been stationed there since Kosovo broke away from Belgrade in a bloody separatist war in 1998-99.

Israel says located second ‘Hezbollah’ tunnel from Lebanon

The Israeli military had issued warnings in Arabic to residents of southern Lebanon to stay away.

Macron, Merkel meet amid WWI centenary debate on European army

The pair will likely delve deeper into the idea of a future European army.

S. Korea allows conscientious objection to military service

Almost 65 years after the end of the Korean War, nearly every able-bodied South Korean man between the ages of 18 and 35 must still complete around two years of military service.

Mattis approves military support on Mexico border

About 800 service members would be deployed to the frontier.

US urges Myanmar to hold security forces accountable in Rohingya crackdown

The US State Department report accused Myanmar's military of waging a well-planned and coordinated campaign of mass killings and gang rapes but stopped short of describing it as genocide or crimes against humanity.

We will continue speaking up for army, veterans, says Anwar

The incoming PKR president says he will meet with the National Patriots Association and assure them that their rights will be defended.

Growing army influence on Brazilian elections causes a stir

Poll front-runner Jair Bolsonaro has spoken admiringly about Brazil's military dictatorship and even its use of torture.

Blasts at Syrian airbase near Damascus kill two

Syrian state media also reported the blasts at the Mazzeh airbase, on the western outskirts of Damascus, but did not mention any casualties.

Old soldiers fondly remember a lost multi-racial military

The Malaysian military must stop shooting itself in the foot with barriers to ethnic minorities.

Australia enlists soldiers in drive for Olympic gold

The military will mentor elite athletes from November as part of a partnership between the army and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) to improve athletes' cognitive and physical capabilities.

For Sabah, it’s beef up on security or lose out on...

Relocating more battalions is complex and expensive but will have beneficial spin-offs for the whole region.

Syrian army advances in southwest against IS militants

The area taken from Islamic State fighters is located near the Golan Heights.

Umno’s love affair with CIA goes back to pre-Najib era

Both countries have been holding joint military exercises since the early 1970s, and in 1984, Mahathir formalised this relationship in an agreement.

Britain to double troops in Afghanistan after US request

The increase in British troops comes ahead of parliamentary elections in Afghanistan in October, which are seen as a crucial test for democracy in a country at war for four decades.