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Tag: arrears

PPR rent arrears total RM58 mil in KL, says Khalid Samad

He says these arrears have been owed for 'tens of years'.

Ex-Tamil Nesan staff seek minister’s help on salary arrears

40 say they are happy for Utusan's workers, hope M Kula Segaran can also look into their plight.

Police hunt three men in car repossession viral video

Woman claims the men tried to tow her car away despite her not receiving a repossession notice.

Govt has begun repaying RM37 bil refunds for GST, income tax...

It will be paid within 10 months and will spur economic development, he says.

Our records show Sarawak has arrears, Guan Eng insists

The finance minister also continues to hit out at Sarawak over its allegation that Sabah had received tourism tax revenue.

Court orders govt to pay nonagenarian 38 years of pension arrears

The High Court directed the government to recalculate pension payments due to 99-year-old Alagan Mayalagan following a PSD decision in the past that had resulted in reducing his pension payments.

City Hall incurs losses of over RM18 mil due to rent...

DBKL urges tenants to settle their debts or risk having their tenancy agreements terminated.

Get Malindo to settle RM70 mil arrears, MAHB told

Transport minister says immediate action will be taken to ensure the payment of airport taxes is made on time.

660,000 PTPTN borrowers yet to pay back even one sen

Despite that, only 19% have been blacklisted because they owed just too much.

Vida settles GST arrears of RM4.2 million

Cosmetics millionaire is then freed of all charges.

AAM shuts down 11 branches nationwide

The motoring body's chairman urges staff not to give up on the association yet, as despite all its financial woes, AAM had never retrenched staff.

Rayani Air staff threaten legal action over salary arrears

Salary arrears of RM1.5 million allegedly due to about 400 workers.