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Guan Eng denies asking cops to stop probe into LTTE links

The finance minister says critics should read his press statement and not distort it.

LTTE arrests not meant to weaken any quarter, says Mahathir

He explains that it is the police, not he or the home minister, who made the arrests.

Let police probe me for alleged link to LTTE, says Kula

The human resources minister says one should not believe what is disseminated on social media.

Don’t bow to political pressure, opposition tells cops on LTTE-linked arrests

Opposition Leader Ismail Sabri Yaakob says LTTE remains illegal and Malaysia should not be the base for any terrorism activities.

DAP shocked over arrests of 2 elected reps, offers legal assistance

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng says police have promised a speedy investigation.

Go ahead if you want to arrest me, says Ramasamy

Penang deputy CM also demands release of 7 arrested over LTTE links, blames Zakir Naik's followers for tarnishing his name.

Protest-hit Ecuador seeks foreign help, relocates government

President Moreno has declared a state of emergency after protests eruption.

370 protesters arrested in Ecuador anti-austerity demonstrations

Transport unions have led the protests, joined by indigenous groups, students and other unions.

Sabah cops seize multiple firearms from 6 held for killing elephant

They also expect to recover tusks sawn off from elephant.

Sabah district used as transit point for IS militants, say cops

Three suspects arrested in Keningau for facilitating movements and recruiting militants are among 16 people nabbed by the police counter-terrorism unit since July.

Dozens detained in Kazakhstan at anti-China protests

Authorities have detained 57 people at the protests.

More than 100 arrested in Paris ‘yellow vest’ protests

Police arrested some 106 protesters some found carrying hammers or petrol canisters.

Amnesty accuses Hong Kong police of arbitrary arrests, torture

Amnesty says police shine green lasers into the eyes of detainees in an act of retaliation.

Stop arrests over social media posts, says lawyers’ group

Lawyers for Liberty says there will be no end to arrests if the authorities don’t make clear the restrictions on free speech.

Thousands detained in Indian Kashmir crackdown

Authorities have arrested more than 3,800 people in Kashmir, though about 2,600 have since been released.

Indonesian police arrest dozens over Papua riots

Indonesian police say they have arrested 85 people in Papua since the unrest broke out in mid-August and are hunting for another 20 suspects.

Jais raids Shia Muslim event at Gombak, arrests 23

Those arrested were told they were being investigated under shariah law for opposing fatwa on practice of Shi'ism.

Indonesia arrests dozens for Papua protests

In the provincial capital of Jayapura, 28 people have been arrested and named as suspects, and more face investigation.

2 held for flying flags upside down

Shop owners say they had unintentionally placed the Jalur Gemilang and Kedah flag in the wrong position.

Hong Kong police arrest 36, youngest aged 12, as turmoil escalates

Sunday's violent protests between the Hong Kong police force and demonstrators has resulted in more arrests, including that of a minor.

29 arrested as Hong Kong returns to violence, further protests underway

More violence is expected in Hong Kong today, as protestors rally against an extradition bill.

Surge in arrests of foreign teachers in China

The detentions come amid growing tensions between China and western countries, including the United States and Australia.

16 US Marines arrested on suspicion of human trafficking

The arrests at Camp Pendleton stem from a separate investigation of two other Marines arrested earlier this month on human trafficking charges.

NGO condemns arrest of Temiar villagers after blockade removed

Peka says it is the state that has encroached into customary Orang Asli land and not otherwise.