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Will Umno be like Nokia or become Samsung, asks youth leader

Batu Sapi's Khairul Firdaus Akhbar Khan says the May 9 polls defeat is a gift from God to the party.

Nauru demands China apology over ‘crazy’ envoy

This year's annual Pacific summit, which wraps up in Nauru on Thursday, has been one of the most contentious in the event's 49-year history.

You’re rich and arrogant, Samy’s son attacks Mahathir’s son

The MIC leader says not everyone is rich like Mokhzani and he should apologize for disrespecting those who receive BR1M.

Zaid: I’m not angry, just disappointed with ‘arrogant’ DAP leaders

The DAP member reveals the communication between him and the party over the possibility of contesting a seat in GE14 and his unhappiness over the DAP leadership's attitude.

No need to fear ‘dead mosquito’, Nazri tells Rafidah

Tourism minister dismisses Rafidah Aziz’s claim that PPBM’s 'sting' can prove fatal, saying it is a non-issue with party being 'provisionally deregistered'.

Musa: KDM leaders like Pairin, Madius, Maximus, Kurup, Sabah’s true fighters

He says Shafie Apdal has stolen the "Sabah for Sabahans" battle cry from these fighters.

Sultan Ibrahim: Zamihan an arrogant ’empty tin can’

Sultan of Johor directs state Islamic department to cease all dealings with Jakim, criticising federal religious authority for employing Zamihan Mat Zin.

Nur Jazlan: Mahathir’s lawyer is arrogant

Responding to lawyer Haniff Khatri’s remarks, the deputy home minister says his interpretation of laws may be different from that of the former.

Nik Abduh: Non-Muslims will eventually tire of DAP’s politics

PAS Youth Chief says PAS can work with any party, as long as there is mutual respect.

PAS tells Guan Eng: ‘Don’t be arrogant’

PAS Deputy President laments sacking of PAS members from Penang administration despite the party having helped DAP win the state in previous years.

Papagomo: I’m proud I defended family’s honour

Controversial blogger however regrets taking the law into his own hands after being fined RM4,300 for assaulting a Pakistani national.