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No motive for ‘last minute attacks’ in GE14, say veterans

National Patriots Association chief dismisses fears of potential attacks to disrupt the general election, as expressed by IGP and the government.

Sepatutnya tembak mati militan Sulu tanpa rundingan, kata bekas pegawai tentera

Mohd Arshad Raji berkata kerajaan mengambil tempoh terlalu lama sebelum menyerang penceroboh.

Army man: I cast postal vote myself only once in 24...

Malaysian Armed Forces Chinese Veterans Association secretary says he and his colleagues never asked why they were not given the chance to cast their votes at other elections.

Patriot: Kenyataan Hishammuddin tak bertanggungjawab, cuai

Presiden Patriot berkata mereka tidak melawan kerajaan seperti didakwa, cuma menolak pemimpin buruk dan korup.

Bekas tentera: Anggota keselematan harus undi tanpa takut

Menurut presiden Patriot, terserah sepenuhnya berkenaan individu atau parti disokong selagi mereka mengundi dengan rasa bangga dan penghormatan.

Veterans group reminds army, police on remaining neutral

Patriots chief Brig-Gen (Rtd) Arshad Raji also calls for authorities to come down hard against perpetrators of any plans to create fear and confusion before or after GE14.

Patriots urge security forces ‘not to protect one political party’

National defence, security and intelligence agencies' priority is for the nation and its people, says Patriots chief BG (Rtd) Arshad Raji.

Patriots want special committee to manage 1MDB

BG (Rtd) Arshad Raji says Rulers must form committee comprising responsible politicians from both ruling and opposition parties as govt has trust deficit.

Tingkat dana tentera laut, lindungi wilayah Laut China Selatan

Presiden Patriot mahu Malaysia lebih tegas tangani konflik Laut Cina Selatan susulan peluasan wilayah dan ketenteraan China baru-baru ini.

Patriots: Boost navy to protect territories in South China Sea

Patriots president BG Arshad Raji wants Malaysia to be more assertive in South China Sea conflict following China's recent territorial and military expansion.

DAP: Having non-Malays essential for armed forces

Ipoh Barat MP Kulasegaran says diversity will help the army in current world environment, adding govt has not done enough since he addressed issue 7 years ago.

We cherish peace, veterans group tells Hisham

Patriots association says its members are veterans who have served the country with pride and honour, and would do so again if Malaysia came under real foreign threat.

Baitulmaqdis: Bekas pegawai tentera bidas Hishammuddin isu hantar askar

Konflik antarabangsa di Baitulmaqdis adalah isu politik dan langkah terbaik menyelesakan kekacauan itu melalui tindakan diplomatik, kata Brig Jen (B) Datuk Mohd Arshad Raji.

Patriots group blasts Hisham over ‘troops to Jerusalem’ offer

The issue of US recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital is political, so not wise of Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to suggest deploying troops , says retired army commander.

Chinese investments may lead to greater military purchases

Security analyst says it is no different to western countries selling arms but suggests parliamentary oversight be made compulsory for huge military purchases.

Missing Rela shotguns: How are Rela personnel vetted?

‘There is now a serious need to review the recruitment terms,’ says retired brigadier general.