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EC considering tents to deal with voter surge in GE15

EC chairman Azhar Harun says voting tents could be set up or halls rented to deal with the expected increase in numbers.

EC lauds tightening of rules to change MyKad address

EC chairman Art Harun says this will help combat electoral fraud and prevent voters from being moved to other areas using fake or third party addresses.

EC will speed up giving polls result, says chairman

Azhar Harun says there are four layers of reforms that the EC is working on to ensure GE15 sees a better electoral system in place.

‘Kampung boy’ Idrus appointed as federal court judge

He comes from an illustrious family of nine siblings who include current EC chairman Azhar Harun.

Tak perlu tubuh tribunal siasat ahli SPR, kata menteri

Liew Vui Keong berkata, timbalan pengerusi dan 4 ahli SPR bersetuju meletak jawatan awal tahun depan serta kerajaan juga yakin dengan kepimpinan Art Harun menerajui SPR.

EC to show election results based on voting channels

The Election Commission says it wants to make election date more easily available to the public, and this includes introducing new search engine in future.

EC never criticised Anwar over concert, says Art Harun

The Election Commission chairman says the criticism levelled at Anwar Ibrahim was made by Bersih 2.0.

SPR tak pernah kritik Anwar hadir konsert, kata Art Harun

Pelbagai pihak mengkritik keputusan Anwar menghadiri sebuah konsert Sabtu lalu yang didakwa bertentangan peraturan SPR dan Bersih 2.0 meminta SPR menyiasat sumber digunakan untuk menganjurkan konsert itu.

EC must explain silence on Bersih’s complaints against PKR in Sg...

The former prime minister says the revelation by Bersih 2.0 that complaints against PKR were not followed up on is serious.

Lots to do, ex-Bersih chief Maria tells EC

The Petaling Jaya MP says the EC under its new chairman Azhar Harun must clean up the electoral roll and review the early voting process, among others.

Appointment as EC chief in line with constitution, says Art Harun

The lawyer-activist says he cannot comment on references to the Pakatan Harapan manifesto as he is not aligned to any political party.

Santiago: We have high expectations from Art Harun

However, another DAP leader, Boo Cheng Hau, says appointment did not go through a transparent process or scrutiny in Parliament.

Art Harun dilantik pengerusi SPR baru

Art Harun adalah lulusan undang-undang dari Universiti Malaya dan King’s College, Universiti of London.

Judges have no business gagging media, public, say lawyers

Among others, they say the judges' jurisdiction is limited to parties involved in a court case, and not others such as the media.

After ‘mafia unravelled’, expect painstaking probe of 900 bank accounts, lawyer...

Azhar Harun warns of a 'long struggle' by investigation agencies before culprits can be punished.

Ada cara ‘lepaskan’ akaun yang dibekukan, kata Art Harun kepada Pemuda...

Azhar berkata sekiranya Umno mahukan pertolongannya, beliau boleh dihubungi melalui pesanan di laman Facebooknya.

Don’t be stupid, Art Harun schools Guan Eng on constitution

The vocal lawyer says there is a limit to the 'new Malaysia' and that the finance minister is 'really pushing it'.

Khairy ‘not Umno enough’ for presidency, says Art Harun

Lawyer Azhar Harun says in 'Umno lingo', 'not Umno enough' is akin to being 'not Melayu enough' and 'not Islam enough'.

Self-pity, fear, injustice and other post-GE14 narratives

Many things are changing in the 'new Malaysia' with PH now in power and BN relegated to the opposition bench.

Azhar Harun to PPBM: Don’t invite trouble by accepting Umno members

Recalling what happened at the Nothing to Hide forum last year, the lawyer says people have already been planted in PPBM to create problems.

Art questions 1MDB ‘paper-shifting exercise’

The commentator asks why Finance Ministry assets, owned under its subsidiary 1MDB, were transferred to itself.

Art Harun calls for periodic review of affirmative action

Lawyer Azhar Harun says the Federal Constitution's dynamism allows for this.

BN lost due to arrogance, perceived power, says lawyer

Art Harun says BN and Umno had been accustomed to lording over people, and their own self-importance and perception of greatness proved their undoing.

What the law says on corrupt practices during polls

The people will have to judge whether the general election has been tainted.