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Painting fetches £1.1 mil at Sotheby’s, thanks to Google search

Art piece price is over 7 times the pre-auction estimate.

Afghan museum repairing Taliban-destroyed Buddhist artefacts

Country’s ancient history being restored one piece at a time.

6 times dreadful tourists damaged valuable attractions

With the recent desecration of an exhibit at the National Art Gallery, tourists should be reminded to treat places of learning, history and culture with respect.

Is the LRT for Penang island a blessing or a curse?

The project will require at least RM170 million to maintain annually and may lead to higher assessment rates for house owners in future.

Painting depicting British MPs as chimps sells for US$12 mil

Bidding for Banksy's work lasted no more than 13 minutes.

Zhan puts special needs artists in the limelight

Zhan Art | Space will be displaying art pieces by special needs individuals in the ‘Kindness is Easy’ exhibition till Oct 6.

Solid gold toilet stolen from English stately home

More than 100,000 people used the loo during the year it was on display at New York's Guggenheim Museum.

12 tips on how to make a tidy fortune from art

Investing in art is not for everyone but if you do choose to invest, learn all you can about it so the returns are lucrative.

Indonesian pulls strings to revive near-dead puppet art form

Once enjoyed by generations of Sundanese the delicate art of ‘wayang bambu’ has almost disappeared from modern stages.

Sotheby’s to auction more than 300 works of Chinese art

The artworks, ranging from Imperial Qianlong-period jades to Buddhist sculptures, were gifted to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by the late philanthropists Florence and Herbert Irving.

Pelan Halcrow diubah suai alternatif bagi Pelan Induk Pengangkutan Pulau Pinang

Halcrow mencadangkan rangkaian sistem pengangkutan awam yang merangkumi trem, Bas Rapid Transit (BRT), bas, bas perantara, laluan kereta api dan feri.

ART versus LRT in Penang

The Penang government should justify why it is choosing the LRT over a technology that is better, cheaper and faster.

Save RM9 bil by replacing LRT with ART in Penang

The Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit is not only cheaper compared with the LRT, but also faster to instal.

Trem tanpa landasan lebih cekap, jimat berbanding LRT bagi P Pinang

Penyelidik menganggarkan kos pembinaan ART antara A$6 juta hingga A$8 juta (RM18-24 juta) per kilometer berbanding LRT yang menelan belanja sekurang-kurangnya A$50 juta (RM150 juta) setiap kilometer.

Khat, Jawi, Chinese calligraphy: nothing religious or racial about learning them

Acquiring skills in khat will not dilute one's faith, but there are other priorities.

‘Painted by ghosts’: Chinese bottle art revived by Peppa Pig

'Ghost' bottle painters are reviving the craft by adorning their works with more unusual designs inspired by popular culture.

Women artists outperform men when their artworks return to auction

Auction houses are bringing buyers' attention to previously undervalued niches, such as female Abstract Expressionists.

Carlos Cruz-Diez, major figure in kinetic art, dies aged 95

In a career spanning 70 years, Cruz-Diez focused much of his attention on research into the theory of colour, applying it in his work.

Europe’s largest roadside work of art to be unveiled in Belgium...

The colossal steel sculpture was designed so as to give people driving on the highway the impression of driving through the arc.

Celebrate KL’s urban art culture at The LifeWire

Till July 28, visit The LifeWire for a truly unique shopping experience.

Kenapa bina LRT bila ART sama baik tapi jauh lebih murah?

ART adalah sebuah sistem hibrid trem-kereta api-bas, terbukti berjaya di China dan lebih murah untuk dibina dan diselenggara.

‘Why LRT when ART works just as well for a fraction...

Penang Forum questions state's preference for RM8.5 billion LRT line.

Boss of torched Japan studio mourns bright, young staff

Many of the victims of the attack were young women.

Taiwanese ‘graffiti village’ eases elderly loneliness

There are now some half a dozen 'graffiti villages' in Taiwan that have been festooned with artwork in a bid to inject some life into rural places that have been emptied of its young.